When expanding, common sense might make you loose trust in what you are doing. You ought to have the best leadership there is.

The number one key for a successful business owner and a masterful coach is to know yourself inside out. Lets get started by discovering your unique reason for being which will help you create a life you life and business that is sustainable and in alignment with your desires.

When expanding, common sense might make you lose trust in what you are doing. You ought to have the best leadership there is. If you didn’t know if you already have it because intuition helps you get in your power into your most resourceful state. Don’t learn your lessons the hard way! INTUITION is your inner guidance working like a GPS leading you towards HAPPINESS and ABUNDANCE which are your natural states of being, given to you by birth. Intuition is always more or less gentle leading you towards living your best life in full expression, authenticity, power, and potential.

Let me ask you

What are you PASSIONATE about?

Do you live your PASSION 99% of your time?

Passionate Living coaching programs will ensure you are given the right tools to, not only kick-start your business, but to also continue your successes after the coaching has ended!

What’s involved?

Passionate Living programs will give you everything you need to move you and your business forward. We will be looking at:


80 % of your success lies in your mindset and trust in intuition

  • Getting CLEAR on your goals
  • How to get clear on your own truth and learning to be HONEST with yourself
  • Listening, connecting and trusting your INTUITION
  • Resetting your goals – so they’re TRULY connected with your REAL desires
  • The MINDSET of a successful person
  • Programing  your mind for SUCCESS
  • Clearing your MONEY blocks
  • Focusing on your WEALTH and HEALTH consciousness
  • Finding out what DEFINES you
  • Start building a life around who you really are, your IDENTITY
  • Learning to LOVE yourself and why that is important
  • Clearing BLOCKS that prevent you from moving forward


20% of your success lies in implementation

  • Create HEART DRIVEN BUSINESS with all of the system and structures in place
  • Defining whom are you mean to SERVE
  • Go through in-depth BRANDING process and rediscovering your deepest aspirations along the way
  • Putting yourself out there in authentic way and defining MARKETING STRATEGY that will best support you in your success


This truly is the perfect step-by-step plan to make your dream a reality!


You are my ideal client

if you desire to have FULFILLED life, PASSIONATE life, FREEDOM, ABUNDANCE and more of YOU. I desire woking with you if are ready to say a big YES to yourself, embrace your unique divinely given talents, skills and knowledge, and implement them to live the best version of your life. Learn how to use your divine tool – intuition – and create a purposeful and heartfelt business that supports your lifestyle and with bigger vision a better world. I strongly believe that HEART driven BUSINESSES, work places and lives are the key to successful life, both material and spiritual.


is full presence with a you in a loving and cozy atmosphere that will inspire you to open up to your intuitive gifts, endless possibilities and embrace yourself in fullest potential. In the process of cooperation and full support from me as your coach, I will help you:

  • manifest your divine living presence,
  • create new ideas,
  • fine tune what you truly desire to create in your business or personal life
  • help you go through the process of manifestation.

Are you ready to find your empowered place in this world? Are you ready to be RICH – spiritually, emotionally and materially? Than you are ready for Intuitive Success Coaching.

How much are these programs?

I’ve priced this competitively, to ensure those who need it can afford it, but high enough to ensure ONLY those who are dedicated to their success will take this HUGE step forward.


3- month program. The investment is €2,800. There is also a payment plan available – 3 payments of €1.100.


9- months program. Your investment is €5.900. There is also a payment plan available –  9 payments of €786.


Lets talk, to see if we are a good fit. Don’t procrastinate, stop making excuses constantly putting your dreams on hold. It doesn’t cost you anything to book a discovery call. You have nothing to lose, rather everything to gain – no strings attached. We will be identifying your blocks, and I will show you how to go about your next step in life and business. I am looking forward to it.

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