by implementing intuition

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Practical use of intuition will lead you like a GPS towards success you desire, help you make better decisions from empowered place within, inspire, attract people and circumstations that will help you grow exponentially.

You are here to fulfill your potential


You know that there is so much more to life than running from one achievement to another, never being truly satisfied, always searching for better, competing, comparing, and yet always searching for that piece of the puzzle.

The number one key to finding that one piece of the puzzle is to know yourself inside out. Start by discovering your unique reason for being which will help you create a life you love living and a business that is sustainable and in alignment with your desires and lifestyle. When expanding, common sense might make you lose trust in what you are doing. You ought to have the best leadership there is. If you didn’t know if you already have it; INTUITION. Intuition helps you get your power into your most resourceful state.

INTUITION is your inner guidance working like a GPS leading you towards HAPPINESS and ABUNDANCE which are your natural states of being, given to you by birth.

The first step begins within you

Rediscover your divine gifts and purpose in life. Share your message, bring your talents to front and express your uniqueness with confidence and clarity. Step out to the world enriched, and empowered in living purposefully and abundantly.

Success stories

I chose to work with Tamara as a coach for her knowledge in branding and copywriting. ‎It felt like she understood what I needed and I followed my intuition.


I now have my first paying client and it is amazing feeling. The commitment I made to myself to work with Tamara, has provided me with structure, foundation, firm enough to take a leap, with each week moving forward farther and faster than ever before, making the choice to move through fear and open to my creativity and trust myself.

Marija Herceg, AustraliaLife in Full Expresion

Through months of coaching Tamara brought attention to subconscious beliefs that were limiting me to be successful. At the same time she lead me to create brand and had very systematic approach. Several times I was surprised when Tamara used intuition to discover where the real problem is and how to best approach it.

Nevenka Muzic, SloveniaBiona, Beauty Salon

Tamara Belšak is an outstanding expert in the field of intuition. Her extensive knowledge and years of experience are reflected in engagement and in-depth work with each client.

Maja NovakInovative Marketing Academy

Tamara is able to pick up on my problems, guide me through first recognising them and then find costume made solutions to conquer them. Her patience is incredible and does not think that I would be well centred and had a clear picture of how to implement goals for the next year if Tamara had not been by my side for the last 3 months leading me through an enormous life transformation.

Zaneta FunkHolistic Health Coach, USA

After my first session, I was already looking forward to the following. Her feedback was spot on to get me readjusted and on to the next task. I felt invigorated after every other session and inspired by her homework tasks, each time amazed at what hidden talents or intuitive gifts we were able to discover during our time.

Violeta Malotokaite, NetherlandsDancer, Writer and a Poet

Working with Tamara provided me with clarity and direction with my goals and passions. I was able to solidify my thought process of how I was going to do everything I am passionate about. My "aha" moment is that I can have one coaching business that utilises every passion as it pertains to a client.

Heather HaberleAustralia

I was delighted by the variety of resources and skills Tamara wove together and how this worked. Even more impressive was her intuitive accuracy..noteworthy given we'd only just met. Here service was rich with care, possibility and practical suggestions.

Niali Muir, United KindomLife Coach

I think about you a lot Tamara. I am grateful for you advice and every minute I have spent with you. I have grown so much and matured so much. I became the president of marketing jury today at the Diggit Festival. I am so proud of myself. Thank you for this course, for encouragement, faith in me, and for finding my family again as well as focus on my lives priorities. There is no money in the world that can repay that investment in myself.

Lidija Rakuša

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