An important part of life recently came full circle. I have finished a yearlong journey of building my passionate business and became Divine Living Certified Coach. Yes there is me graduating in LA with my coach Gina DeVee.

Being soloenterpreneur for 6 years I had no idea what else is possible rather than doing what I new at the time, marketing, and PR. The whole time my intuition lead me to explore more. I listened, followed not knowing where it is leading me. It was this invisible positive force that I just needed to follow no matter what. Today I can proudly say that all my dreams came through. I have a beautiful family, living in house and location that I imagine many years before actually implementing it.

For a long time I also desired to work internationally, travel and have freedom-based business that can support my lifestyle. Now I have it. YAY!

coachin-tamara-belsak-los-angelesThe path wasn’t all sprinkled with flowers, but last year I made it nonnegotiable for me. And believe it or not it is all 100 % organic. I managed to close full circle only to be spiralling upwards by combining all my knowledge with divine guidance and what I really feel I came here to serve with – Implementing intuition, my writing, branding and marketing skills and developed my brand so far – Intuitive Success Coaching – Creating passionate life and Business by Implementing your intuition. 100 % organic. Meaning that I finally managed to truly tap in to my heart and implement that in material world.

If you are struggling with taping into your heart, message, branding and implementing your divinely given talents in to material world, believe me that I know what you are going through.

In this year I have also managed to become a part of truly magnificent communities of highly vibrational communities, where all is possible. The world where people support each other, uplift each other not comparing but help and knowing that there is enough space – market – for everybody.

Past year was also a journey of massive wealth consciousness expansion. Although I thought I have cleared many thing in my life I still needed some work on that. I had to:

  • Letting go of old believes.
  • Review my relationship to the family member of the family I was born into.
  • Said yes to myself many times.
  • Made it nonnegotiable and traveled to Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Paris and Florence, oh and Egypt.
  • Followed my heart no matter what.
  • Had to readjust energies with my immediate family.
  • Created international coaching business.
  • Put myself in a game.
  • Felt, seen, touched, sensed with all of my senses and truly anchored in how I can bend my reality with what I give myself permission to do.

But it wasn’t always like that. Playing it big in the world, traveling, meeting my pears, and being almost independent of time and space wasn’t in my consciousness as possible. Those things are possible when you give yourself permission. True. Permission. You can not achieve what you cannot believe it and see it first. Be true to yourself. What kind of life you really desire to create?

And here is my point, stop procrastinating on behalf of your heartily desires, be brave, invest in yourself and start implementing your inner knowing now. It is worth the sweat.

Watch my video from LA, just before graduation from Divine living coaching academy.

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