Everybody face challenges. I haven’t meet a person in my life that doesn’t. If you know one, please let me know.

When you set your goals whether it is beginning of the year, new month or new week, do you COMPLETE them? Think for a minute about the challenges you face and are getting on the way of completion.

There are few important question you should be asking yourself:

  • How do I cope with cahllenges?
  • Do I just cope with them or do I transform them in to the diamonds?
  • Did I achieve set goals?
  • If not, why not?
  • If yes, what was working?
  • Where haven’t I set the goals and I should?

These are all questions to which you should know the answer. If you do not know THE ANSWER, then you probably have not yet become a conscious creator of your life and you don’t fully understand that life is here for you and not vice versa.

True! Life is here for you, but if you do not take the reins of it into your hands, which of course requires a certain degree of courage, vision and effort, the life will lead you and this can be pretty frustrating.

If you had the chance to live any kind of life you desire, how would it look like? Take three minutes and create GREAT VISION of your life. Let this vision be the first thing you’ll do for the next 90 days in the morning. After that, let me know what’s going on…. and also start refining it.

Clear goals yield  better results

Harvard University did a survey among students in their last year. They were asked how many of them have clearly set goals and how many have written there goals down. Only about 3 % of students in the last year of study had goals written on paper and clearly knew what they want in life. When they looked at the same target group in a few years, the findings were surprising. The three percent of people who had clearly stated vision and goals, earned as much as the other 97 % together.

his will help you find your way to transform challenges into diamonds.

Find the way through feelings of smallness, whether it is collective or just playing out in important areas of your life. If you put on pink glasses that does not mean that things you do not want to see don’t exist. You will only fail to see them and that will slow down your progress. If there is stagnant energy anywhere in your life, then it is necessary to look at it and do something about it. That namely can be influencing the fact that things are not moving forward.


Enjoy rewieving your goals and be open to receiving wisdom and abundance when facing the obstacles.

With love, Tamara

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