I cannot describe with words the fulfilment and satisfaction within, because I am able to live and work what I am passionate about. I am saying It all began somewhere right?

After returning to work from my second maternity leave, the three of us, my daughter, my son and me got ill. This was not normal for us, being normally very healthy. I was exhausted even after few month having small children and a full time job, regardless of very helpful man that I have in my life luckily.

I stopped and asked myself: What is the point in life when you are being exhausted parent, spending all of the vital energy at work, with some left for the afternoons with children, and non for yourself and your partner. Is that the purpose in my life, to spend my next few years like that, working all day let somebody else measure my time and how much I can earn, go to holidays twice per year, and that is it?

My intuition was pretty enhanced by that time, so one day, shortly after that, I wake up and said to my husband, I will start my own business, so that I will have the freedom of time and it will be up to me how much I earn. I literally felt my guides pushing me on my back saying: Start your own business, Start your own business. The guidance was so strong, powerful and real. In the next few months my own business became a reality.

Whatever you desire, know that getting it is just the matter of DECISION.

I have been feeling it and telling people for the last few years that new occupations will evolve and only since recently I can clearly see what that means. I came a long way from passionate PR and copy writing expert to even more passionate Intuitive Success Coach.

When we step into our own power, when we start living our passion, and develop it into successful business the exchange will take place in a whole different level, where only abundance exists. It will be only be win-win, meaning that if I have more, does not mean that somebody else will have less.

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