April is carrying freshness with it, which can be compared with cleanest and clearest of mountain springs. Everything you need in April is decision that you will act on behalf of your dreams.

Do you remember how it feels like to drink the most fresh and clean water, which flows from the mountains? Your whole body is refreshed and refurbished when you drink and thus is your mind. If you are fortunate enough to do so in April, do it in full awareness of yourself as multidimensional being.


This will be the common thread of April, offering waves of fresh and refined energy powerful enough to help you in building your dreams. Everything you need in April is decision that you will act on behalf of your dreams.

Last month was full of challenges with a very strong moon, the impact of which you may have felt like being more tired than usual, or you even had insomnia. Your body is able to receive only a certain amount of powerful cosmic rays that converge in the waves on the earth, so it is necessary to help it with high vibrational food, rest, meditation and movement. The body was made for movement, do not forget this, and the spirit is constantly in motion as it is.


Spring energy (at least at this side of the globe an it may be autumn energy elsewhere), unlike previous months brings vitality, something new. It brings energy, which is able to give new birth. It can become anything. Everything you imagine can therefore come true, if you awaken confidence within mostly in what you are doing, faith in your success and the leader within you.

April will be especially favourable of harmonisation of male and female energy, which will help you to go in the direction of what you desire to achieve. Try to feel in to how that harmonisation looks and feels like and use this information in the next few months, when you need to further implement the ideas, dreams that will be emerged in April. 

You can start with the energetic and harmonious giving and receiving. 

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