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Sometimes it is necessary to take uninspired action

Recently I was on a huge motivational event of BigU Academy. There were more than 4000 people present. I am not inspired by mass events personally, but this time I chose to be there for several reasons that are relevant to each heartfelt entrepreneur. They show how to be in the movement, recognise opportunities when they arise, and the importance of decision-making.

Only when ambassador of BigU Academy addressed me for the third time in few months time span, I decided to go. As I said, I am not a fan of mass events. I attended one big musical concert, Rolling Stones in Zagreb, and now I gave it a chance, and decided to be at massive motivational event.

Third time was enough of a clear sign and a push to get my ass up on Saturday and drive for and hour and a half to be there amongst miracle hungry people instead of my family. The magnet was of course Lisa Nichols.

Tip for heartfelt entrepreneurs #1: Motivation is the key. If the motivation is big enough, then people opt for things that they otherwise wouldn’t.

Why I do not like mass events?

One of the reasons is because they are too crowded. I have to admit that in Tivoli despite a large crowd of people it wasn’t crowded at all. But above all, I am avoiding mass events because there is not enough personal contact and most people are too ecstatic. I am very sensitive and it can drain my energy if I am not careful. In addition, this excitement can be quickly diminished and than what is left?

Personally I am motivated enough. I invested in many programs in the field of personal and spiritual growth, coaching Academy, business programs in addition to the previously completed University and years of classical training. I am also in heartfelt business. When you love what you do, work doesn’t feel like work at all. 90% of the time it is really a pleasure. But for every solo-entrepreneur it is important to be self motivated and working from a leaders position for clients to follow.

Why I decided to go after being contacted for the third time

I am following Lisa Nichols for some time now, and this was opportunity to see her live. She is certainly a good raw model. Although I am familiar with the US coaching system – being a part of Divine Living Coaching Academy recently – online marketing, talking on stage, and in particular selling from the stage, from observers point of view, I came there to see her perform on stage.

Besides, the third time was a clear enough sing for me.

I learned at the event that the publishers refused the author of the bestseller Best chicken soup for the soul for 200 times, before he got a deal. What would happen if he did not try for the 201st time? The book would not have been a global success, and he wouldn’t earn a lot of money with it. Most of all, he wouldn’t be able to touch numerous souls with his message. The book is now even in the Book of Records.

Tip for heartfelt entrepreneurs #2: Persevere. I was in the movement and in Maja called at exactly the right moment. Since she already made a pleasant impression in the first two calls, I decided to buy a ticket from her.

Lisa Nichols is really deep. She brings the emotional charge to here performance. She ads energy that comes from the depths of her soul, her experience and probably hours of training not only of the performance, but also the entire styling. Yes! The latter is often overlooked, because entrepreneurs are usually oriented on their knowledge and skills. For a success to be whole it requires both internal and external styling.

Tip for heartfelt entrepreneurs #3: Build yourself first from the inside, and then also personal brand from the outside. Both are important; the content and the visual presentation.

Lisa Nichols stirred souls

I expected something more concrete, something new to go home with from Lisa. All what I heard was, what was also her theme apparently: “I came here to stir your soul.” And she did. But in the second part she was basically selling form stage for the whole time, which was a bit of a disappointment to me.

Still, I didn’t go home empty-handed. As an intuitive success coach with a burning desire to stand on the stage I went home with the most essential for any good speaker and heartfelt salesperson. I already knew it, but obviously I need to hear it more often, because I often get carried away on that one. Speak only about one thing in all shades of the rainbow, and come back to it in your communication often enough.

Tip for heartfelt entrepreneurs #4: Talk only about the one thing your customer desires most. Over and over in the sales conversation come back to their hearts desires.

Although sales coaches might teach differently, it is my personal opinions that if you invite people to an event, leave them with more than you promised. All too obvious was selling from stage in this particular event, but probably also very successful. This was what sales gurus would say aggressive selling. Everyone should find their own pace at it and use the technics that work. My advice is:

Tip for heartfelt entrepreneurs #5: Inspire people to buy, but also know when it is time to step back and just listen to them.


Lisa Nichols

“If people say that you are crazy, tell them that you are in good company. So they said to Mother Teresa when she said she wants to feed ALL the children of the world. So they said to Nelson Mandela, who after 25 years in prison, finally free, undertook a major peace movement in the world. “- Lisa Nichols


Lisa Nichols

“I will not apologize for my brilliance. Like there is a great you, there is also a great me.” – Lisa Nichols

I must admit that I expected  from Lisa to talk more about what steps she took to get from where she was to where she is now, although it was probably more of a motivational event.

But too often I have seen how people are energized for few days from those events and than they find themselves in a dead-end and in 90% let go of their dreams. It is though certainly much faster and easier to achieve desires with the help from the outside, I agree. The letter of course requires dedication, determination, proper mindset and business strategy. You need to see you goal as Alen Kobilica said.

Alen Kobilica – You need to actually do something in behalf of your dreams

Alen is ex international fashion model, active sportsman, businessman, owner of fashion models agency and organic food company. He is also a founder of foundation I see goal. It feels proper to introduce him like that, because he lost his sight several years ago being forced by faith – (dis) ability – to transform his life completely due to his new normal.

Alen inspired me with his unconditional dedication to accomplishment. For what he is doing – with excellency – you truly need determination, passion, discipline, desire, faith and strength of spirit. These are all fine quality ingredients for success.

We met about twenty years ago when he had a travel agency. My friend and I took a trip to Greece with his agency and he was our tour guide. Time shows how one is changed, or not changed. I believe that in our core we remain the same, only our responses to life are changing. In my eyes Alen is the same as two decades ago, smiling, positive, relaxed, and, of course, still looking great.

What was my takeaway from his speech? Above all, what I am repeating over and over again. You can meditate and dream, but at the end of the day you need to raise your as from the couch and just do it. Daily activity towards achieving your dreams is the one that makes the difference between people who live their dreams and those who only dream of living it. There is a very fine line between futile daydreaming and living your dream.

Tip for heartfelt entrepreneurs #6: Inspired action is the one that makes a difference between dreamers and those who are living their dreams.


From left: Smiljan Mori, Alen Kobilica

“I rely on my heart, trust my intuition and listen to my heart.” – Alen Kobilica

Smiljan Mori – What makes a difference between me and you are decision

Smiljan Mori positively surprised me as I was listening to him on stage for the first time. I met him once at airport in Turkey, from where we flew home on the same aircraft. He was in Turkey, and we are coming back from Israel. Although personally I do not know him, he has this warm positive energy.

He left me with those words. I am paraphrasing: “When I was on the Richard Branson’s island, I didn’t dare to ask him anything in the first few days. After a few days I did not have questions any more. Still, I decided to ask him: What is the difference between you and me? He said that the only difference is that he makes more decision in a day than I do”.

An interesting perception through the eyes multimillionaire, but not only that. He knows how to enjoy his life and uses his wealth to change the world for the better!


Smiljan Mori

Decisions! Again, this is also one of my common threads in my communication. Smiljan’s words put everything in a new perspective. We are making decisions every second of our lives, deciding on a million things every day; between whether we should wear jeans or a dress, or whether to eat pasta or gnocchi, or whether to write a blog or not. Millions of thought processes are going on in our brains every day.

Physicist Hugh Everet III found that at the moment you make a decision the universe splits in two parts. There is a universe in which you have chosen jeans and there is an equally real universe in which you have chosen a dress. These new universes are separate and parallel. And you are not aware of you in the separate universe. If you chose to wear a dress that another version of life in which your are wearing jeans is running in parallel world. (Time Traveler, Dr. Ronald L. Mallet)

Since we are in the local collective consciousness, global collective consciousness and universal information space, where all the possible variants of our decisions exist on informational level, it is necessary to manage those information very consciously by making conscious decision every single moment,  thereby connecting to higher vibrations from love and above.

The main players here are our mindset, intuition and decisions. It may sound fairly complicated right now. But when you start consciously managing the system and not vice versa, the system managing you, then life becomes much nicer, happier and brighter in particular.

Tip for heartfelt entrepreneurs #7: Consciously manage your thoughts and reactions to circumstances. Always ask yourself: Which path will bring me closer to my purpose?

Dr. Mel Gill about Control

One of the speakers was also Dr. Mel Gill. He asked us: Who controls your life? Although I often advice my clients to let go of control and listen to and follow exclusively intuition, it might be a bit contradictory to what Mel said. But in essence it is just a different perspective of the same coin. I’m actually talking about more conscious – better – management of life when I am taking about letting go of control.


Dr. Mel Gill

Dr. Mel said: “Do you have full control over your life? Do you have partial control over your life? The latter does not exist! How would you feel if the pilot of the plane said: “Dear passengers, I have only partial control of the plane…” Who controls your life? You, your husband, your wife, circumstances?

Tip for heartfelt entrepreneurs #8: When you take 100% responsibility for your life, you will also take the helm of your life. “

And one last tip, inspired by marketing guru Aleš Lisac

Aleš said that there are no mistakes in marketing and sales, that there are only tests. I always advise my clients to test out as many things as they feel they want to test out. If somebody tells you that some other program is not for you, do not believe it, there are probably some hidden agendas there run by low vibrational programs.

Follow only your heart and intuition, and then use your rational mind to implement the information you received on the basis of intuition. Your heart and intuition already know what is right for you said Steve Jobs. The dots will be linked to each other at just the right time, even if you do not currently know which way to go or whether you are even going in the right direction. Your compass should be your well being and nothing else.


Aleš Lisac

Among other things, Aleš served us with some interesting statistics. Over the thumb: Slovenian average consumption for game of chance is 250 euros per year. 19 euros goes for educational books, 39 euros, together with the cookbooks.

Do you know how many people do not decide for themselves, because they say they have no money? Over the thumb I could say that every fifth discovery call with me ends like this. Of course, this is my experience and the result of my wealth consciousness. I am working on lifting it, so that the ratio turns, and 4 out 5 discovery calls will end with a Yes!

I share this tip with presenters:

Tip for heartfelt entrepreneurs #9: Invest in yourself. No one can take the knowledge from you. It is also the best capital for life in golden age.

There were several other people on stage inspiring us with their stories. I chose to write this blog as I felt it and I hope you get something out it even if you weren’t there.

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