May by its nature brings freshness, rebirth, and bloom. But this time I do not have such a feeling, at least not at first glance. We are starting May with Mercury in retrograde. It will stay there until 22 May.

In general, there is nothing you can do about the influence of the Mercury in retrograde movement. Yet on a personal level, you can do a lot.

The period up to 22 May will be very beneficial for dealing with shady sides of self, of the projects on which you currently work, and of the people near you. Practice patience!

There may also be disruptions in communications of all kinds (personal, electronics), so try to look behind the veil of illusion, which may be very real when looking at things at first glance.

Let everything you planted in April, when the energy was very favourable for brand new beginnings and new creations, grow, and focus on enriching it with letting go of, clearing stuff that don’t fit any more, getting rid of clutter.


In practice, this would look like this:

• Clean your computer all the clutter that is no longer needed.

• Throw away or donate everything you don’t need any more – papers, clothes, things…

• Refine projects that have been launched in April.

• And mostly follow your heart and intuition!!!

Believe me, even though I write about that a lot, I also know that there is always something you can clear, let go of or transform. That is the only way you can constantly works towards your potential and thus a better life.  

Over the years, perhaps when life becomes more intense, and you no longer have as much energy as when you were 20 years old, you may get to the point where you start to wonder:

• Where did the passion in my relationship go? A partner becomes a stranger or just someone with whom you share obligations.

• When did I put these 10kg on? How?

• Where did all my money go? I have nothing to show for after many years of work.

• I used to like to read! When was the last time I spent a rainy day in bed, reading?

And so on. You probably know what I mean.

Being aware of that is also a part of a conscious creation. This awareness gives you the ability to detect that point when you and your partner stop taking time for romance, because you are too tired; or when you put on first three kilograms; or when your savings dwindled below a certain threshold, or when you don’t touch that book for over a month…

This is time for the red alert! It’s time to stop, reflect and fix the causes, only to be later on able to vitally engage with your best life again.

Well, May is definitely the right time for that!!!

The influence of Mercury in retrograde has negative effects only when you are not centered, when you do not know exactly what is happening and why, and especially when you fail acting from your heart!

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