Follow your path in October with enhanced sense of focus


I have a feeling that we are moving between two extremes. As if the Universe is giving us the feeling and a taste of the golden life, as if the clouds here and there open up for a moment and show us a picture of where we are moving at our best, and thus give us drive and this amazing feeling so that we are even more persistently striving to achieve this picture.

On the other hand, the Universe will not allow any compromise, therefore we are being tested hard way, as if it would be asking us whether we are really able to revalue our lives, a way of living and working and uncompromisingly exercise life according the new values.

Yes, it is easy to talk about it, but harder to put these words into practice.

Observe therefore in October, whether you will successfully pas the tests, or will you be bending under the weight of responsibility.


If you have not done that already, I strongly recommend that you take a good look at the values by which you live now, revalue them, and start living your life by an improved version of values. I am writing a blog on this subject, because I am getting excellent information from my teacher that are providing the reflection and a broader understanding of this subject, that I want to share with you soon.

It can truly help if you bring to your consciousness the Why behind everything you are doing. Why are you doing what you are doing? Why do you truly desire something else and is that the right thing for you?


In October, you will be inspired and taken cared for by nature, which is retreating on this side of the globe very generous and slowly. Even if you are not in the Autumn right now, there are probably seasons changing and you can listen
to them bringing upon the change and renewal.

Enjoy the warmth of the sun. Take it up in each cell, if possible with a clear intention, so that it revitalizes, rejuvenate and empower.Restore your inner peace by going out in the nature and link to its energy of change whether it retreat or just about to fully bloom. It is now showing us its wealth reminding us why it worth going on, continuing to create and give birth to new forms.

Self-care, care of your inner child, body and spirit is strongly emphasized. October will provide energy to support it. Nothing is more important than the game of love and vibrations of joy as I have learned while swimming with free dolphins. If you feel like you need to re-set, revitalise and reconnect or just experience joy more often, I am warmly inviting to join us in March for a retreat Where Ocean & Fire Meet. >>> More information about the retreat is here.

Nothing at which you have to strain yourself, who is very hard and difficult to achieve and makes you feel exhausted, is worth your blood.

It is worth it if it makes you feel fulfilled.


As was stated in September, it promises peaceful way forward in October too, although as mentioned above it will be hard for those who, as Jesus says “do not have the eyes to see” and are right now sheding their skin.

Let people, who have succeeded, regardless of all obstacles on they way, to follow their heart and values, inspire you. From them you can draw wisdom that may in your dark moments show you the way and the light at the end of the tunnel.

Don’ fall in to other people’s dramas. We are all one! Let that guide you in October. What happens to one is happening to all of us, and vice versa. You’re your individual truth in events, which is actually very easy to find if you just listen to your heart and intuition. If you so far have not succeeded to trust yourself and your intuition, warm advice: Begin! If you wonder how can you do that and still be practical about it, book a free clarity call with me. >>> Click here.


There is no difference between imagination and the material world.


Follow your path in October, slow down your pace, devote time to self-care, and fill your batteries with sunlight.




If necessary, refine your understanding of how the universe works and the concept of oneness. This is how you will be able to better understand yourself, domestic and global events, and other people.



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