bozic-2If you think that November passed by like a NY minute, let me tell you, that the time will be passing even faster in December. Have that in mind, and do everything you can to just be in the moment. Don’t panic if you think all the balls you have up in the air will fall down. They won’t.
Perhaps you have been feeling a need for a radical change for the past three months, like a change of your style (hair, clothing, interior), job, profession, an urge to give away old things; documents, clothes, change of food… Perhaps you felt like you have outgrown certain environments, friendships, circles you have been hanging around with. Perhaps you have a powerful impulse that tells you it’s time to change careers. Like the change is coming from your root.
All of that only means that you have opened up and your intuition is becoming stronger, leading you towards your best ever life, and well-being. There is and old saying that says: Old habits dye hard. December is a good time to drop habits that are not serving your needs and desires. Energies of the month will also be supporting you in dropping this little guilt voice associated with changes in your habits.
FRESHNESS and INNER LIGHT are the keywords of December. The more you manage to avoid overload in all respects, which can be expressed as exaggeration, for example; excessive alcohol consumption, excessive socializing, excessive working hours, which can quickly happen because holidays are coming up.
All this can result in lowering your vital energy, which means that lower vibes can jump in to your field quickly; negative thoughts, sadness, loneliness and depression. Freshness will help you in keeping your vibe high, meaning, fresh thoughts, fresh air, fresh food, exercise, and drinking water. Just taking long walks by yourself can work miracles in December. Invite your guides and angels for those walks to help you with the challenges and you will enhance your positive chances.
Here is a December’s prayer for you:intutivna-napoved
Dear creator, I am grateful for well-being, happiness and joy, and ability to recognize those gifts and sharing them throughout my relationships. Today I ask of you to help me tune in to the love of creation and ability to convey miracles in to form. I am ready to let go of bitterness, resentment, anger, sadness, envy, and everything else, that prevents me to ask for miracles. I am aware of my pricelessness and love-ability that I have come here to live. Please help me convey these gifts in to present and help resolve situation(s) for the highest good of all. Today I am asking for a miracle. And so it is. Thank you.

Advantages of December

December will offer you a gateway to your sanctuary. It will offer house warming energy, the feeling of returning home, to yourself.

Challenges of December

The world in which we live is a world of competition. The struggle for power is based on fear and stems from a lack of cohesion and a sense of inadequacy. With this in mind, manage your emotions, desires and aspirations in December.

Where to direct the energy in December to achieve your goals

See whether you need any additional knowledge to make your goals a reality-a. Get it if you do.
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