Did you know that memories keep things alive?

Times we live in can be pretty confusing at times. On one hand we are enjoying the splendor of Christmas, on the other hand we are being surrounded by the misery of everyday life, on the third hand global events offer a lot of ways to soberness. Everything is stirred and life has its own rhythm, the world has its own needs and so do you and me. The likelihoods in these fields of expectations in meeting the needs still exist, and our mission is to connect them, recognize them and become their translator in to the material world. Each and very one of us with its own valuable individual contribution is called upon doing everything in their power to send its ray of light in to the darkness.


Great leaders were always inspired for action. Great leaders were connected to something larger than just I. One of them whom I admire was for sure Nelson Mandela who said:

It always seems impossible until it is done.

I admire many leaders who have had a great vision and were prepared to do what they needed to do to achieve it, but at the same time managed to preserve their integrity. I am sure you have one of your own that you draw inspiration from.

Things exist only because we give them significance with our thoughts, feelings and actions. When you are aware of that, meaning that you truly, truly feel it in the very core of your being, than you become the master of manifestation.

Memories keep things alive,

said my Hawaiian friend Daniel Napoleon. What memories will you therefore choose-a and thereby add your own piece to the mosaic of collective consciousness, planetary changes and events in all directions of space and time?




Optimism is a word with which I wish to start New Year. The word itself is very strong, but again, like the word love too often used without real meaning. Optimism is a belief that good always wins over evil. It has also been shown that one positive thought is at least 7times heavier than a negative thought. OPTI-MISM in my translation is a word that means having the urge to always strive for best possible results, and that consequently leads to fulfilment.

Ego therefore should actually become our faithful servant, so that we will live life without fear and follow our purity in deeds, thoughts and life.

Psychologist Dr. Chuck Spezzano says that ego is translator of material to the spiritual and vice versa. Without it the soul would not be able to get in touch with the collective world, which by their nature are incompatible and contrasting. Ego is, therefore, as an interface between the two terminals. On the one side it connects the soul, on the other matter. That interface is an intermediary for spiritual -material communication. It is important that the information does not get distorted or lost during the flow through this interface.

Yeah, nobody promises that this path of tuning both spiritual and material part of self is easy. But, as always emphasize, following inner guidance and acting out of lightness and inspired place inside is the fastest way to fulfillment and truly meaningful life, which is much more than just I.


Connecting to larger picture


The second master, with whom we met at the beginning of my thirties, is Joshua. We are celebrating his birth at this time of the year and memories of him are still very alive. A few years ago I was in Bethlehem at the place where he was born. Now there is a Church. To get to the crib, to which led narrow stairs downwards, you have to stand in a long line of people who wish to see that. In the crib there is only room for only a few people. It was almost like in Disneyland, where you have to wait in the queue even for an hour to get to the main attractions. Marketing yeah…

Anyway, I met Joshua for the first time in one of my meditations. His image appeared in my mind. Surprised, I asked, what are you doing in my vision? First, I tried to push this image back, because I have always connected him to the church, which for me is just one of the institutions with its purpose and therefore not always perfect. But I was in a really relaxed state, where ego was absent so he stayed. It was really weird, because I was raised as an atheist. But then I did not know what I know now. Those who regularly meditate – which of course I highly recommend to everyone – you will surely know what I mean.

It took awhile to understand this vision. As my spiritual connection evolved, I recognised that he truly is one of my guides. I turn to him now when I need a connection to the divine, healing, inspiration, information. He is not very talkative I must say. I feel like he is just holding his ray of high frequency light for us and together with his “colleagues” adjusts it perfectly to merge with our personal and collective frequencies. I do in fact have one master, which is actually my teacher and diligently scribbling his wisdom. He’s really talkative.


Mount Tabor, Israel

Time passed since I sensed master of golden ray for the first time. I started to meditate more back than and I coincidentally joined a meditation with Mary Magdalene one day. We know there are no coincidences, so I was at just the right place at the right time. She had a special message for me. She told me we were like sisters many lives ago. I learned than, that I lived in the community with them, Mother Mary, me as Margaret than. We baked bread and took care of children together, Joshua included. It was not until I was in my thirties and had my own family, that I discovered the passion for baking bread in me. I love it. People always told me it is hard to make bread, but when I tried for the first time, it came so easily to me.

I knew than; why I was so drown to the lands like Egypt and Israel, why I was attracted to study Kabbalah, Hatmara Merkava, and other spiritual studies. It is not that am learning those things anew. I am remembering them. The picture started to become whole. Memories of the past, of another space and time have become more and more alive, and again I started learning.

When I traveled to Israel few years ago, I also visited on Mount Tabor. As you know most of the churches in his area of the world stand on powerful energetic points. There was really powerful energy there and I remembered that I was there once before. A passage in time opened up to me, I entered, and landed on a lecture. It was really vivid Déjà vu. There were many people there dressed in white clothes. Jesus was also dressed in white. He had a lecture on love, and he was talking about how important it is to open our hearts. All 33 petals of it. I was not just his student there but helping him, pouring people water to drink. All he wanted to share with his disciples was a principle of acting from unconditional love. His lecture was simple. He was talking about heart, about the workings of energy aspect of our physical heart works, and how powerful impact on the course of events in our life, health and abundance it has. His lecture was totally spiritual. I believe that studies like that should be a part of primary school education programs to teach children about the science of a human being as an indivisible part of the universe, and ones of material and spiritual world.


Often I remember Joshua’s words:

Do not throw your pearls before swine.


Your good intentions, knowledge and skills are in fact valuable. Therefore share it with those who will value and appreciate it. Everything else leads to lowering your vibration and personal energy leaks. No one needs to prove anything to the other any more, we don’t need to repay our karmic depts or sacrifice one thing to achieve another. These messages are clear.


All you really need for starters is to open your heart to yourself.


By the way, did you know that a heart has some of the same cells as the brain? It is also the first organ developed in the body. So, I could state unscientifically – act from your “smart heart”. Use it to ensure personal change and change of the planet for the better.

I learned that the energy of love is what made us. So we can say that the information fell on fertile ground. How could otherwise be created something as great as human being (human is highlighted here), like you and me, like we?

christmas-tree-In this festive season I wish for you to have an open mind and all 33 petals of your heart. When you’re in a bad mood, when you’re angry, resentful, when you think you hit rock bottom, always ask yourself: What would love do? Love is not capable of aforementioned emotions. Love yourself, have faith in your success, act with integrity, and share your sacred knowledge with those who are able to appreciate and recognize YOU.

I am helping people create passionate living and successful business by implementing intuition. I am passionate about helping people use their talents to create a business that supports their lifestyle and not vice versa. Therefore in my work with clients I am always coming back to the basic questions:


What do you desire?

How would you like to live?

What are you prepared to do to fulfill that vision?


A prerequisite for this is the purity that comes from the heart – your personal integrity.

I draw my inspiration from another great man who above all followed his inner voice and perfection. Steve Jobs said:

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.


Now I would like to asks for small favor which is at the same time my Christmas present to you!

Below is a meditation for peace, and I am inviting you share this prayer with people whom you love on a Christmas Day. However you do not have to limit yourself to Christmas day let it become a part of daily routine.



Meditation for happiness and peace

  1. Find a quiet place. Light up a candle.
  2. Close your eyes and focus only on deep breathing. Breath in golden white light and exhale all the tension from your body and mind. Repeat this three times.
  3. With you mind create a silver-white sphere in front of you.
  4. Put in the following affirmation – NORM of happiness and peace.
  5. Fill the silver- white sphere with the light coming from your heart chakra.
  6. Now duplicate the sphere.
  7. Increase one so that you can step into it.
  8. Take the other one in to your right hand and send it to all the people, plants and animals on this planet, which need happiness and peace right now and they are able to receive it.
  9. Finish the meditation by saying Thank you, and so it is.

Have warm and joyful Holidays. With Love, Tamara 

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