Uh, how time flies! We just entered in 2016, and already there is 2017. Although honestly I’ve often said in 2016, I just need to hang on for a little bit more…

How about you? What was yours most successful motivational factor in 2016?

When connecting with the universal Internet regarding the energies of January, it feels so fresh. Not because it is fresh outside with the winter we have on this side of the world. There is a feeling that everything is possible, that new birth and rebirth is happening.

This is logical since year 2017 numerologically represents new beginnings. There is a very good website which inspires me and where you can also get you free numerology profile and learn more about year 2017. Check it out here.

But as always there is catch in this new birth, rebirth, and new beginnings.




Everything is possible for those who will be tuned in to that frequency – EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! It is very important to continue holding high vibration of what you want to create.

The problem can derive from not knowing what you really desire. I often talk to people about their goals and desires, and when we go deeper, they often realize that the goal or desire that they thought they want realize is not actually theirs, but it was programmed by their upbringing, society… Often they don’t really believe that they are worth living their wildest dreams. And I share that with you, because I can see it – YOU are, THEY are and with some self-empowerment work you can actually get there pretty fast, regardless if you yourself are in that industry or not.


It will therefore be very important in January, to have perfect clarity around what you desire. There is not time for hesitation and testing.


I hope you have taken the time for reflection of the year in the past few days. I will also be sending out a tool that will help with this some more and get you to a low starting position in January, because the letter is very important. Pay attention to you mailbox in the next few days.

New Year’s is literally bringing a new life.

They are showing me a newborn, which had just come into the world, and these first few moments in to this world are decisive. Deep breathe in and breath out is all that is needed … Then comes the first pull of the milk from mother’s breasts – colostrum – that boosts baby’s immune system, and than sleep … That’s right!!! This is a great start.

Very strong and explicit message.

It is obvious that first few days of New Year will be decisive for the course of the year. So make a plan or a strategy around the action steps you will take to achieve your desires and goals right at the beginning. Make sure you know who you need to be to achieve them. Hold a light or a high frequency with the help of manifestation exercises and meditation. This is not something external. It is something that comes within. Some of my meditations are freely accessible through my web sites:

You are also warmly invited to join my Attract Success, Tap in to your Intuition & Mindset program for a very reasonable price here. You will get exact mindset reprograming tools that I used to start my own business, to create a dream house and a family, to up level my life in every way, and restructure it in way that is best aligned with my souls calling. Plus you get full training on how to trust you inner voice. The program is jam packed with practical exercises and leads you in just enough intensive way towards your success.

Back to January. It will be extremely important to regularly meditate, to choose positive thoughts, and visualization. Let those three things becomes part of your daily practice. Spend at least five minutes a day with your great vision, and before that fill your body and aura with the high-frequency light. This will take you 15 minutes max. per day and on the other hand it will bring you much, much, more.


Everything you felt and dreamed of, or you were inspired for in 2016, now is the time to go and start implementing it immediately.


Whether you want to write a book, facilitate workshops, start a new business, start a family, new relationships … Do something every day in the direction of realizing your dreams. You have a blank paper in front of you at the beginning of the year. To enable yourself a fresh start, let the old stuff go forever, and be opened to new paths.

What you desire will happen, but only if you are on the frequency of love and upwards. Otherwise you will have lots of challenges before you. We are fortunate enough though, because more and more people are choosing to act from their hearts, and thus collectively help others transition from fear based behaviour to heart based action.

If you have not already, begin or continue with the basics of personal growth. It will strengthen your spirit, faith in yourself and love towards yourself. You can download free meditation love for self-love here. All of this will strengthen you, help you overcome challenges, help you rise above problems, and open new paths that exist only for you to finally step on them.


Even more so than before, it is important to begin the year with negativity detox and surrounding yourself with situations and people that will carry you forwards.


Everything else has outlived its time. I am warmly inviting you to get to a good start by joining my group coaching program Attract Success Tap in to you Intuition and Mindset.

This program is for you:

  • If you are tired of having same mediocre results both in your personal life and business,
  • If you desire to create a life that is fully aligned with your heart and soul,
  • If you desire to clear the space for new beginnings or get to that next level in your life faster that ever.

Year supports new pathways, and they are showing me that this also includes launching of new businesses. If you are thinking like I did a few years ago (15 years I’ve been thinking about what would I do in order to be free and have my own business, and I was full of ideas, but no realizations), and you are thinking about starting your business, or upgrade a current one, than 2017 the right year for new beginnings.


Your success of course, depends on how you are going to go about it. Success does not come overnight; you have to build it step by step.


Most people start heir business with an idea, formal registration, logo, a shop or a web site. But it really is much more than that. Your business is really your story, your personality and your example. If you want to be successful-you have to build an authentic brand, based on your story, and share it with people in a way that it connects with them on a deeper and heartfelt level. You should know with whom you want to work and how you can help your clients to solve their problem or enrich their life, and gradually build; Community of people who want to have exactly what you’re offering.

So, if you step on a solo entrepreneurial journey keep all this in mind. But do not let the big picture overwhelm you. It is important to make the first step today. Do not wait.


2017 is perfect for upgrading an existing business or start something new.

If you need clarity around that and step by step guide on how to build you heartfelt business, book your discovery call with me and start creating a business that will support you and your desired lifestyle.

January’s energies will therefore support you in:

  • A new beginning or transition to a new level of living and working,
  • Making space, clearing the residual stuff, energy…
  • Starting immediately with the implementation of ideas, plans, the first few weeks will be crucial.
  • Regularly clean your energetic space (Cutting cord with Archangel Michael) and work on raising your vibration,
  • Choose positive relationships and situations, which will support you in your efforts.
  • Everything is possible, and every path that leads to a new stage of development is lit and free of obstacles.
  • If barriers exist, more than ever be aware that these are just a reflection of your own inner world.

January’s energies supports the transition to a shrine in the sacred place from which you can create what you with your heart and soul have long wanted…

January’s challenges: During the period of transformation we often do not know exactly what is happening and that can be a bit intimidating. How to go beyond that will be the biggest challenge…

Where to direct your energy in January so that you will reach your goals: Unconditionally use you energy to always return to your center – centering. You will find strength, clarity, faith and power in there.

I wish you joy and happiness in the New Year and success in all areas of your precious life.

Yes, you can have it all

With love, Tamara



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