Finally, February, a month when birds are marrying reminding us of romance


Birds caught my attention even on cold winter early mornings, when I am walk-joging my dog. Regardless of winter and freezing temperatures they are already singing loud awakening spring and romance kind of feeling in my heart. I am feeling the warmth, invigorating and full of optimism as I am birds-februarystarting my days.


Although on the outside it looks like it is freezing and all is standing still, birds, which often many of us do not even notice any more, give us signs that tell us different story.


This should be a reminder in February, as it will rise up to some frustrations in implementation of desired goals.


In January, it seemed at times as if someone put heavy weight on things and it was almost impossible to break free from this vice. Energies are still turbulent which may even influence electrical installations. Perhaps it happened to you that the electric current in your wiring seem unstable, or you may have even experienced burnout of your light bulbs or even a power failure. This may go on in February at least for the first half of it.


Let me share a secret with  you, which contains things that helped me, my dear ones, and all those with whom I am in daily contact the most during these turbolent times:

  • thorough cleaning of home, office and car (physical and energy),
  • daily meditation,
  • daily physical exercises ,balance
  • daily rituals of letting go and manifestation,
  • faith and optimism,
  • focused work on projects,
  • collaborating on a heart level, with a practical note (not like just talking and daydreaming without any tangible results).


Wit this the grip loosen up by doing all the things suggested, things start to open up. This is the energy I suggest that you do February with.


The biggest challenge will be how to get out of modality of operation brake-gas; brake-gas; brake-gas in to the smooth run.


The above will help you to go in to the flow with all the wonderful things that are just waiting to come in to your life which the energies of February will support. Remember however that all good things that are waiting, are waiting for you to wake up and go out there in inspiring action and nothing else.


FROM EVOLUTION TO REVOLUTIONNo karma, no past, no set of circumstances is keeping you where you areyou’re your desire for change. Frozen kingdom, where everything is still, is frozen because of you, your habits and inflexibility, the way your mind is works and the way you’re responding to circumstances.


Yeah! It seems that the February doesn’t compromise. But it will be important how you handle things, how you are starting your projects or how you change the habit that don’t work any more in February for the following months ahead. So, if you want to change something, upgrade, put in to motion in the future months, it shows that preparation in February is crucial.


Most importantly! And this message is coming up very strongly,

do what comes out into the open without hesistation,

and you are putting that aside because you think either it is not a good time, because you need to do something else prior, because you do not have time, because you do not have support, because you do not have money, etc.


This is not being in the flow. Being in the flow with all good means to do the first step, and the rest will follow for your highest good.


A few important tips for February:

  • Action from the heart!!!
  • Therefore, learn to listen and trust your intuition.
  • Do what feels goods in the moment. This does not mean that you sell everything and travel around the world, if it endangers your finances, or family existence. It just means that you’re thinking with your heart and do not compromise at the expense of your welfare.
  • Do not delay.
  • Be in the flow.

As promised, here is a tool that will help you create the best year ever. You can download it here. Also don’t forget to share YOUR SUCCESS STORY in our FB group.

With love,


Tamara Belsak

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