From the turbulence to calm


I read recently that the turbulent personalities are more sensitive to stress and are more aware of themselves, unlike the assertive types who are more resistant to stress and are in general more easily satisfied.


While turbulent types of people are guided by the desire for success, and experience the whole range of emotions along this path, they are also perfectionists. They are driven by the desire for Trying to get what you want by looking to time and space is like trying to change your reflection in the mirror without changing yourself.improvement and are more than assertive types willing to do what it takes. The letter may also cause more pressure and stress (


The truth is that only if you are made of stone, you did not feel the energy ups and downs in February. But you’re surely not made of stone if you’re reading this, because you are a human being made of flesh and blood.


It is hard to believe that anyone has had the chance to avoid energetic turbulences in February. Weekend that is behind us with an eclipse on Sunday, 26 February, was also one of the most difficult days of the year.


We are experiencing this energy shifts both collective and as individuals. Therefore there is a difference between us in experiencing the same things.

On one hand there are those who feel things, but they are not willing to do everything that is necessary to create the change they desire.


On the other hand there are those who try every day to bring about the change they desire, really trying, but often experiencing exhaustion and burnout along the way.


Then, there are those that even in the most turbulent periods manage to keep their direction and do the best they can with a genuine smile on their face. I see them, how they are surrounded with light, and are following their heart with a lot of inner strength. The latter are also the ones who actually create the changes that are good for them and for others, mostly because they are capable to raise themselves above this collective gloom – grayness – above problems, and confidently follow what deep down they know is right. While it takes them to keep the faith, they (we) know that this is the only right way to go even if at first glance it does not look as the easiest one.


Perhaps you’ve found yourself where between these three alternatives, maybe you found yourself somewhere in between. However, if you want to switch between them my advice is to follow the following three things, which will be highly supported by March energies:


1. The creative power of the mind


Surround yourself with people that will take you further, rather than those that are continually on the other side of the bank, draining your energy, evoking a constant need to prove yourself right to them. Remember what Jesus said: “Don’t throw pearls to swine.”


fly-952235_1280Only you know what is right for you, not your best friend, not your romantic partner, wife or husband, not your mother, not your father… Only you! It is also one of the basic for enhancing trust in your intuition and actually follows through with it.
This does not mean that you have to stop consulting with people you trust. It only means that you take decisions from fully empowered place within, and not forming codependent state of being. Codependency is only a code for dividing responsibility, and dividing responsibility is only virtual any ways. At the end of the day you will take the hit for your decisions and nobody else. Why not make fully empowered ones every step of the way?


Energy in March will fully support you, however there will be residual of the February challenges – when you were seriously challenged by the question: Do you really want to move forward with your plans? Or will you just because sometimes it is really tough, hide in to a snail house in to the virtual comfort zone, and slowly start dying, or keep moving forward really slowly like a snail?


Here is the truth! You don’t have to. And you are not alone, Help is always available, you just need to ask for it.


2. Regular spiritual and physical activity


Strengthening the spirit and the faith are powerfully highlighted in March. In fact, you should create a schedule for yourself that will allow you to work on both parts regularly – every day. My favorite practices are Taichi and Yoga, meditation, and journaling in connection to spirit. All of these practices help me quickly neutralize fluctuating energy.


I am recommending 12 chakras meditation to help you with this. On 12 chakras levels there is a record of all your talents and through these levels, it pours into the soil all of your wisdom, ground, and therefore materialize easier. 12 chakras meditation is also available as an audio clip. You can order it by hitting reply to this newsletter for only 10€.


It is especially important to stay grounded in March because the energy of success can blow you away. That is good, yes, but in the long term if you loose ground you can make a big mess out of you projects.


No matter where on your path you are right now, 12 chakras meditation is a “must have” for the period in which we are.


3. Translating ideas into practice


Ideas, accumulated knowledge, and longing for things to happen are no longer enough. The hardest part is figuring out how to descend all of that through a sieve of a “practical wizard” and materialize or put it in to practice.


I believe that every time you are not going after what you are longing for, you create this energy knot in your body, which I call “futile knot”. More knots that you have, less empowered you are. It is that simple.


So you have two options, the first one is to be aware of this, you dissolve and remove it from your body or energy, or do nothing and they consequently damage your manifestation powers as well as health.


There is also a third option. This one will get light speed acceleration in March. Form some kind of mastermind, partnership based on common values. Create great execution plan and go in to an organized action.


There will be a lot of light purring down on us in March. Each of us who regularly carry out any spiritual practice, which contains the formula of doing well for all, will contribute significantly to this.


Together we are stronger, and if one person is able to move the stone, the two are able to move hill and crowd can move mountains.


Did you notice that in the group growth is no longer linear? Take that energy boost of March.


Advantages of March

You will receive answers to your questions easily in the nature, as well as renewal on all levels and inspiration. Spend a few days in March in quiet contemplation away from the world, and listen to the wisdom of nature.


Challenges in March

High vibration light that will be supporting you abundantly in March infusing your project with the energy of success can quickly carry you away. Ego can quickly take the wheel. How to stay grounded will be therefore the biggest challenge.


Where to focus you energy in March

Navigate your energy in to detoxification on all levels of being. Fitting in on behalf of numbing your feeling won’t benefit you; on the contrary it will only block your success.





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