How time flies, right?


Time is too fast for those who love and too slow for those who suffer.




I am hearing from people lately about how times flies so fast yet the practical things are moving to slow. Balancing of both dimensions – time and manifestation of concrete material things – will be at the forefront in April.


It may seem that the projects are moving forward to slow, at times even that they are standing still. There also may be delays in money flow and in flow of things in general. You will find your answer on how to coordinate both dimensions in a synchronous operation, or at least learning thereof. Bear with yourself, because it does not happen overnight. This, as well as everything associated with acquiring new knowledge, happens through focused training.


April will more than ever support focused action. Where your attention will be, there will be results.


They are telling me to forget what we know and to start feeling it instead. Mind will therefor cause delays in implementation. Solely use it for practical things instead of too much thinking.


If you are working with a teacher, counselor, coach, I hope you’re working with the one that knows how to listen to you and look behind projections of lower part of you – ego. If you are learning new things by a cookie cutter approach, know that they won’t work. Yes, accept and receive knowledge, but apply it lead by your true feelings – intuition. The feeling will in fact tell you how to communicate-operate in your either business or personal environment.


roza-pravokotnoAbove all, and this is gold worthy advice for April. Do not waist yourself!


For the fluctuation in energy it is still going on. This is a common thread running through the beginning of this year. If you are wasting your energy, you may soon wake up to a beautiful April day exhausted and without inspiration for work and even to live. Thus, the flow of prosperity that is also at the forefront in April will be stopped.


It may be difficult to understand these words, but in April nature will offer everything you need to:


  1. Turn time in your favor

that time starts working for you, not you for it, and that this will be reflected on your performance particularly in the business area. If you have not yet, I recommend you join free Time Challenge that will support you massively. Simple exercises and assignments will help you to achieve greater efficiency.


  1. Step into the flow with the law of synchronicity.

That will happen when your clear purpose and formula – good for all will dictate your action. Therefore, you do not need to worry about how your desire or goal will materialize tomorrow. You can be fully confident now and with great inner strength dedicate yourself – focus – to a given moment.


  1. Enjoy!!!!

Fill up the batteries of your mind and body with the movement in nature. Well the latter we had in abundance at our recent intuitive retreat Where Ocean & Fire Meet in Hawaii, and I have to say it felt sooo goood. With dolphins you lose track of time and you do your best to keep up with them in this fully synchronized swimming, to later return to the boat pleasantly tired and content. If you want to experience this feeling of joy, open your heart for receiving even more, and even see what your life looks like without limitation, I am warmly inviting you to join us next year. I am already booking for 2018. Click here >>>


So if you’re thinking about a new job, if you are thinking about current projects and mauna-lanihow to most effectively work on them, it is essential that you simplify them in April


Dispersion will not benefit you; on the contrary, it will bring frustration. So simplify even if that means to take a few steps back. Also review your purpose for doing things. The basic question that I am suggesting you ask yourself often in April is: What is my purpose? April emphasized purity of intention.


I hope you will put this guidance in to good use and manage to open up to the flow of all good things that are just waiting to enter your life.




The advantages of the month April 2017

When you use a vise love as the principle of your operations, it will also make it easier to listen to your inner wisdom that this truly the quickest and easiest path to joyful life in abundance that is your naturally given state of being.


Challenges of the month April 2017

The challenge will be how to handle stress caused by our 3D time loops and restraints and excessive fixation on the result.

Where to direct energy of April 2017 you will have a desired outcome

Use your energy not to take action based on what you have learned, some cookie cutter approaches – but rather arrange the details of your life that will reveal your true nature. Find your “river bed” in this world we live in. That is how you will serve yourself, your loved ones and the world at you best. Follow your inner impulse for change!



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