POTENTIAL is something with which every single one us is born.


Would you agree?


But first let me share with you my version of definition of POTENTIAL. What is the potential? It is something that we came with into this life. It is made of optimal connections between different parts of us:

  • talent,
  • circumstances in which growing up,
  • our heart desires,
  • our knowledge,
  • our personality,
  • our ego,
  • our soul and spirit.


And when all of these circumstances link together at the right time and sequence POTENTIAL IS FULFILLED or is being fulfilled.


How this happens is individual path of each and every one of us. But I believe that collectively we have a common mission, and that is to learn to (re)act from love, to be happy , truly live and enjoy this rich life we have been destined to do here on earth.




We are in a time of great change, which is happening faster than ever before in history, and as you may have already heard many times; It is best to be the change, or to create this change in your own microcosm. For only when we are capable of this, we can actually manifest the thing that we desire, and the areas of our lives that challenge us greatly are energetically released, so that they can be fulfilled:

  • Financial Abundance
  • Happiness
  • Love
  • Time
  • Business / work / job


But in order for potential to be fulfilled we must first be willing to change something. You to can probably feel that potential within, that force that is just waiting for you to let it out. This force knows that it is time to let it out in to the world, to set it free.


Look it. There will always be challenges, and if you have read my Intuitive guidances for the month, they clearly state, which may be the biggest challenges of the month ahead and how you can turn it to your advantage. And if you haven’t read it, here is the biggest challenge of all: How to get over the fear of loosing your financial or material security. And the best way to cross that bridge is to stay centered in your own inner power.


These challenges and the way we tackle them are the only possible blocks on the way of fulfilling your potential.


No matter how old is someone, what is his or hers background, line of work, knowledge, skills, personality, color, this inner force this potential is waiting to be released in every one of us.


Therefore, it is always good to look at the following things along the path of personal growth:

  • if there are any conflicting influences,
  • analyzing the questions you have been questioning yourself lately (they also have you blocks in them) and
  • looking at the effect that other people have on you. The impact of those can interfere with your inner guidance.


So the question is: How to balance and tackle and recognize different parts of our lives?

  • Love,
  • Social life,
  • “Random” lucky events
  • Work/job/business


Ultimately, the decision about how you’re doing life, work, job, business, love, your social life, relationships etc., how you are spending your time, with whom do you desire to spending it, is yours.


Realize, however and this is something to anchor in: YOU HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO ACHIVE GREAT THIGS (things that are great for you).


It always exists in you, from ever and to eternity. You were born with it.

And that potential is something opposite of what you are experiencing as a problem. There are many causes for your problems, but they all in my experience boil down to one thing – the power of YOUR SELF ESTEAM AND YOUR SELF CONFIDENCE.


The reason why we are not working with full potential is precisely because we are not 100% confident. And that is precisely the reason why we are making the wrong decisions that actually take us away from our potential and not closer. However, it is also important to be aware that this is not our fault or at least not to think in this manner.


Self confidence can save your life, it can make magic happen, it can heal you, it can magnetize your desires, it can bring clarity to your decisions, and so much more. IT JUST CAN. But! Are you using it? Get your toolbox today! Click Here.




To often when we compare ourselves with others we might be feeling or thinking that dream life, money, luck, happiness, abundance is only for them, for let say few chosen ones. But this is not quite so!!!!


All you have to know is that



That’s why never ever again say: I am not that lucky, while watching people who have seemingly always luck!!!! Know that you too were born under a lucky star, if not, you would not be here.

So get your toolbox today and start living your full potential. No compromises there any more.

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