I do not know a person who would not long for freedom. Perhaps some of my the readers will not agree with this, but I believe that if you looked thoroughly under your mantle, there lies the truth that may be overshadowed by the mind.



Freedom is also one of the foundations of being. But the question is how much are we actually truly free in the true sense of the word.


Interestingly, Slovenians are restricted by the very definition of freedom in the vocabulary of Slovenian language (SSKJ), which offers more definitions, but are all very restrictive. It starts like this: Freedom is a state of affairs when people are subordinate only to law and not to unlimited, arbitrary authority…


The American dictionary Merriam Webster offers a wider definition of freedom, among others it says: …the quality or state of being free: such as; a :  the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action, etc.


The month of August will make sure that even those who have not yet put a lot of thought in to the question of freedom, will be asking themselves about it. Even those who have pushed this question away, and justified their way of life with the pressures brought on by their work, personal relationships, the place in which they live…, although each of them in its own way, holds them in codependence and the encirclement of modern slavery.





At the beginning of my studies of intuition, I was channeling a message while working in pairs to my pier. I saw clamps around the wrists of the person and the chain in my vision. When I looked at her hands at a given moment and time, one wrist was covered with a big metal watch and on the second wrist was a big metal bracelet. The first impulse fro her was to stop wearing a watch and such types of bracelets. Namely, the clamps have unconsciously transferred into this life in a way that manifested themselves as massive objects on her wrists, among other things…


But liberation can also be painful.


At first, you can feel like being on shaky grounds, as if you were losing-a balance, as if you were in the emptiness of ignorance about how to proceed. But this is only the first step in liberation, leading to a fuller life and fulfillment of potential.


I remember that sometimes it often happened that when I looked at a person, I saw everything that I was missing in my life. Today, when I look at a person, I see the potential. The picture of the world in general is far more magnificent than this. But in order to reach the potential, you absolutely need courage and confidence in yourself. The courage to free yourself from clues, programs, accumulated guilt, judgments, and freely and fully empowered step on the path of fulfilling your potentials or everything that you deeply crave for.


Freedom is therefore emphasized in August, and the circumstances will lead to reflection on your individual concept of freedom.


It seems that everything that no longer fits will become more and more uncomfortable. Your whole being will feel this and strive to transform to a new skin. It may have happened to you that some clothes that until recently were your favourite ones got into your hands one day just to find out that you did not feel them any more. Somehow they seized fitting in every way. There was no more chemistry between you ☺.


Any form of liberation also brings responsibility.


The responsibility for the changes that we are creating, which, when this breakthrough occurs, can go very fast. Your self-esteem and courage will be your Augustan trump cards that will protect you from stress that can come to you when the changes are happening simultaneously and you may be dealing with multiple scenarios, perhaps even dramatic or fast changing scenarios at once.


Benefits of the month of August 2017

When you feel this taste of freedom, it’s enough. The world opens, the restrictions are gone, the light is dedicated to the darkest corners, and the revival begins. This is the theme of the month of August, which will open the door wide to the enlightenment and revival.

Challenges of the month of August 2017

Without confidence in yourself and others and in life as a whole, which seems to be the biggest challenge in August, you will find it difficult to let go of old beliefs.

Where to steer the energy of the month of August 2017 that you will have the desired results

Steer your energy in to writing the author scenario of each of your experiences.


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