There is no end without the beginning, and there is no beginning without end

Here is an intuitive guidance for September, downloaded to help you realize your most sacred purposes :). Enjoy reading it, and especially using useful tips in your own way.



On August 30 passed on dear teacher Louse Hay. With her affirmations she moved the boundaries of the limiting mind and was a pioneer in the self-help industry. She left a beautiful legacy behind. She represents an example and a light to me that may shine even more powerfully now. I am inviting you to devote a minute of beautiful thoughts and affirmations in memoriam. Thank you.


Mercury in retrograde will slowly start moving direct, but there is a shadow left behind, or the tail as experts say. Therefore, it is advisable to start directing your energy into completely new plans and ventures in September very slowly (second half).


In the first days, it will be extremely important that you spend time more introverted in the search for your truth, and as highlighted in August, in the quest for your concept of freedom. Through the second half of the month start anchoring this concept, that is, from careful planning into an inspired action.

This may mean that old things won’t feel comfortable any more, or they may even feel like acid on your skin for a while. The skin really is getting too tight and if it felt only as a slight discomfort in August, this discomfort will only increase in September. Misunderstood messages in interpersonal relationships in August, multiplied by the uncomfort of being in your own skin, could have left the consequences on your soul, your feelings, on you in general, especially if it is about people with whom you are close; close relatives or business partners.

Healing is stressed, especially in the first half of September, while in the second half energy begins to turn, as the current flows into the sea after a storm, mixing water and creating a cleaner, cooler, newer flow. That’s how things will begin to unfold in the second half of September.

Intuitive advise is to spent the beginning of the month in introspection, meditation, writing a gratitude journal, which helps to filter what is going on and thus getting a better perspective, and especially as many salt baths as possible are recommended.



I suggest using the following example of day-to-day gratitude. When you are doing gratitude exercise is not so important, but it is important to spend a few minutes every day in gratitude. Learn to ask for what you need. Invisible help is always here for you. Creator, angels, your guides are here for you to help you carry the burden of life and work, which we often carry only because we tend to think in a certain manner. Yeah, thoughts. Keep them “highly vibrated”. In the system of creation, there is your spark too, because we are part of ones and thus indivisibly connected. So turn to help to your invisible guides every day.

Gratitude exercise

Dear creator, thank you for all the gifts I am receiving and using them for the good of all as well as myself. Thank you for all the good that flows through me; new stream of consciousness, the new world, the new earth that I am co-creating. I am asking that the changes that must occur happen gently and calmly. I am asking for clarity in relation to the following steps that I must take to attract circumstances and people who will help me to grow. And so it is. Thank you.


Everything has its beginning and end. The first doesn’t exist without the second and vice versa.

So much for reflection in the first days of September, while in the second half you will surely be helped by the idea that

dreams can only live if you take action.


Moving forward is emphasized, especially for those who are in difficult situations, while for those who, if you allow me to express myself in that manner, are at higher frequencies, it will be much easier to live their dreams. The flow of new opportunities, greater lightness, abundance and super-relationships is at the forefront.

Hm !!!! If I could give a smart advice in general, than this is it; Work on raising your frequency every day by doing mantras, dance, walk in nature, yoga, meditation. Only entertain positive thoughts, people and circumstances. Create a pathway for incoming abundance to flow to you.

Advantages of September 2017

Returning to the foundation is highlighted. So have the courage to follow your inner gut that comes from the heart. Set higher goals and expect more from yourself.

Challenges of September 2017

The challenge will be about how to anchor your concept of freedom into its world and your lifestyle. The liberation of everything that limits you and what you think you need to control.

Where to steer the energy of the month of September 2017 so that you will have the desired results

The first half of the month is dedicated to careful pre-planning and planning, while the other half is about taking inspired action without hesitation. Also keeps a gratitude journal.

With love, Tamara


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