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Has it ever happened to you that you were in a present moment, but when you were writing down the dates, you wrote November instead of October and instead of 2017, 2018? As if your consciousness was in the future already that will happen globally when the dates, days, months, seasons will again move through the cycles of time.


In a similar way, things can be miraculously reenacted, as in favorable circumstances fractals of time collapse which we also call a quantum jump. That is what was happenning to me in the last two months intensely. But not just that. Everything that I needed happened, regardless of whether it was a tabula raza of how it will happen only few hours or minutes earlier. The law of synchronicity works flawlesly, but you have to work towards it to maintain that state of being on all levels. October’s energies will work miraclously towards the latter.


In October, therefore, listen to all the factors that put you at a given time in the given place amongst given people and circumstances. If you need a little help regarding the effects of sinchronicity in you life, I am as always here for you, for free 30 min consultation. Just click on the menu button strategy session.

In doing so, being in sinchronicity flow, there is only one guideline, namely, that you do not listen with your head or ears (from the outside), but with your heart and with all your senses. Meditation will help you with this, and it will be an indispensable tool for achieving your intentions and goals in October. If you are not skilled meditator-ess, I suggest you get used to it and start with at least 5 minutes a day, than stretch this practice by the end of October to 15 minutes.


In short, meditate and manifest is the motto of October.


The passage into the warmth, which is brought about at our half of the globe by the very colorfulness of nature in October, is shown. In addition, energy will be beneficial for creating new, magical worlds like in a fairy tale. I just hope that you have taken note of the intuitive guidance for September, carfelly planning at the beginning and taking bold action after 18th. This will be highly paid off in October. It also emphasizes inner and outher splendor.  In October or beginning of November I will be with you on a webinar Dolphins & Whales and their role in consciousness explansion with meditation Life Beyond limits with dolphins and whales. I hope you will be arround to join us. Stay tuned in for details.


October therefore offers a lot, and my goal is to help you in the path of a full and passionate life. Passion for life may be dimmed due to owerwhelm of decisions needed to be made, running over and beyond, and dispersed energy to all ends and places.  October will also remind us that it is worth living in full, and that – as I am repeatedly saying – LIFE IS HERE FOR YOU. It almost hedonistically (in a good way) opens the way to the pleasures of the earthly life.

In October you will most likely be asking yourself the following questions:

• Am I waking up in the morning with pleasure, and in anticipation of new day?

• Am I going to work with pleasure, because I know that I will co-create something wonderful, and because I will be with people I appreciate and love?

• Am I returning home from work with pleasure because I know that I have my temple of wisdom, health and peace at home?

I see us enjoying the splendor of the autumn or spring, giving us a sense of warmth and at the same time passion for being here and now in this space and time.

Advantages of October 2017 

Hurry will not bring you results in October. You know what steps to take. Go about them without delay.

Challenges in October 2017

October will probably push your confusion buttons when contemplating your position in the world.

Where to steer your energy to achieve your goals in October 2017 Action, action, action.

The step you have been thinking about for a long time is in your highest good. In addition, start enyoing the spledor.

Be the light you want to see in the world my dear. With love,


I will be starting a masterming group for those who have a desire to passionatelly and sincronically take their business to a new level. No pushes, lots of intuitive insights and mindset tricks, branding and copywritting tweaks. And most of all, concrete inspired action steps. Mastermind is on demand only. Send it to: intuitive.success.qa@gmail.com.

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