In silence you will find important details  


When I try to connect to the universal Internet and pull out the information that will collectively help us to direct the energy in the month ahead, it is sometimes all quiet at first. So they are probably testing my perseverance and patience, for in silence, as they say, we find all the answers we need. This is also the common thread of the month of November.




November is also the month when we are dedicated to honour the memory of our loved ones who have crossed. This coincides with the silence that we create within for being able to chat with them. This silence can be cunning, it can be calming, it can be misleading as in the sense of a slumber before the storm, but it can also bring restoration and a new impetus.


As always, it will also be up to you to decide what you want fill the silence with in November. I know for myself that I will opt for renewal and inspiration, always.

In silence and solitude, therefore, you will find either darkness, either light, emptiness, or abundance. Emptiness in November however will arise if we want it or not. In this, I see a great advantage, because it will not be necessary to invest effort and energy in preparing a space for something new, but it will automatically appear.


This can seduce you, for you may not be careful enough – when the void is created, but for the course of your life, it will be decisive for you to fill up the emptiness with what you truly desire. It will be very important in November:

  • maintaining high vibration, with this I mean the highest possible (love and above),
  • maintaining positive thoughts and feelings,
  • solving challenges very precisely and as soon as they occur. Do not wait, because in the latter case, it will happen (and it’s not a conditional one) that the emptiness will fill in what will be, and that is probably not what you really want. So you will need to invest a lot more energy into doing it, and then filling it with what you really want.


Energy means everything that matters to us; our health, our finances, our time.  If I can help you a bit here, I’m happy to offer you a free 30 min. intuitive advice. You can book it here.


Let me remind you that it is never too late for that first, or next step, or for the correction of the path. Our time here is truly valuable and it’s a waste of it for things that do not bring you inner satisfaction and fulfillment, even if at first glance they seem very comfortable.  But our responsibility for what we create together here exceeds us as individulas. I feel that there is a period when more and more people will feel this and will want to make this move. Then they will need the best possible tools and assistance for this. And here it is the responsibility of all teachers, mentors, consultants to include not only an individual good, but also a wider social responsibility and responsibility towards the mother Earth in their business equations.    The battle, which today appears as a struggle for survival, is an illusion. It is important to know this, to rise above that, to connect with the frequencies of love and above, and that is how – not only theoretically – we begin to co-create the golden age. You may be wondering where this intuitive guidance for the month took me; from silence to the golden age, but as this silent voice inside says that is an important message and it needs to be shared. I am asking you to share this message further.  In November you will find in silence all the necessary information, instructions and inspiration for filling up the void with your individual fingerprint, which will connect with everyone else in the web of the universe and create a new quality. Have in your mind and heart, not just in November, but always, the idea of ​​vibration that you want to share and for which you will be enriching the earth, the universe, and consequently your precious life.


The expansion of the mind, which instead of judgments, will overcome all negative, will be supported. Thus put into all that you touch love, blessings, and help the world.


Your system of values ​​will be hit, or it may be on trial, if you will give in to the outside influences.


Simplify your life. The fact is that if your energy is scattered, the results will be scattered too.


With love, Tamara



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