My Vlogg on habits, how they influence us, and about inner keys to success from experiences.

I am also inviting you to book a session with me to help you clear your cup, so that you can fill it up again with more of what you truly, maybe even secretly desire.

Habits are the ones that keep us spinning that hamster wheel until we either fall out of exhaustion or simply decide to stop doing it.

I remember how I stopped smoking almost twenty years ago. It was the habit of taking coffee and cigarette breaks with my colleague that started to annoy me the most. We actually didn’t have a relationship, what kept us in each others company was this addiction, this coffee and cigarette brakes habit. When this aha moment flashed in to my consciousness I simply stopped smoking and didn’t light up a cigarette since than. Maybe you can relate and see that happening in other parts of your life, which are stagnant instead of thriving. And yes, habits are not and easy thing to change, especially if you were used to work in certain way for 10, 20, 30 years with slight adjustments, yet still in the container of your seemingly safe space of a habit. But know that you have everything you need to change them. Change starts between the temples.

Here is also a list of things I have learned during the path of having my business that are truly that are sinking in and are in my opinion the most important keys to success:


  • faith in what you, that it is helping people in some way, and a passion for it (honestly, without passion for what you’re doing you’re just an empty cup),
  • being at the right place to make it big (like for example, if you want to success in tech bizz, you have to go to Silicon Valley),
  • surround yourself exclusively with people, media, books who inspire you,
  • always learn and improve,
  • daly mindset and “clean personal energy practice”.
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