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Last month of the year is time for the re-vision of things and the design of new plans, which will be supported by Mercury, who went in the retrograde movement on 5 December. This means that at least until Christmas, the period will not be favorable for signing new contracts, starting new projects, new things in general. For example, if you start new business, sign a new contract, go on a trip, there may be congestion and complications that will take you a lot of energy during this time. In the end, however, it will still be necessary to re-visit those things, maybe do them again differently or adjust them to new circumstances that may arise.


It will be a very good time though for a re-vision, looking back and finishing things. Therefore, arrange all unfinished official matters, relationships, projects … That’s why, for the first two thirds of the month, take enough time to contemplate, purify, and get rid of things that you’re not using. This way, you will prepare well for your personal and business revival in 2018.

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The feeling is that the world is changing radically and with it all the systems of operation. Also, if we, who are in spiritual technologies development business, think we know where everything is leading, I can not rightly grasp what is going to happen, because it is still in the distant parts of our consciousness. The same applies to the field of technology, finance, economics and, last but not least, food production, which we all need so much for life. And the feeling is that the revolution in the above-mentioned areas is already coming in 2018. So… the picture will be clearer soon.

For this December, the most important thing is that you take enough time to recognize The Truth.

More than ever you will need confidence in your inner guidance to follow your heart and passion. When you break the veil of darkness and limitations there is no longer a way back, because on the other side there is so much light, so much beauty that it takes you completely. When the spark in the heart is lighted, all the universe works in the direction of its realization in this world. And this world is still full of lies, falsehoods, illusions and deceit. This spark will guide you in the path of truth and your mission, and with that a happy and fulfilled life. I suggest that you first nourish it in yourself to strengthen it and give it time to grow stronger, then let it shine in 2018, let it pave your way.

Compassion is also emphasized in December.

The energy will also limit the need to socialize with people who are interested mostly in intrigues, rumors and quarrels. All of this will be part of the deception. Open your heart to yourself and others, raise your standards and have exclusive positive expectations. It is only when you know that all of you are truly in truth and integrate it into your daily lives and relationships; you stop expecting and blending with everything that is without compromising your individual expression.

It is time for powerful people who are filled with light to leave their mark in this world in this revolution of awakening, which we already witness.

Do not let fear-based stories mislead and alianete you from your spark, from your path. The question is whether you are ready to be part of this elite group of people who are changing the world so:

  • that they take good care of themselves, and hence others,
  • who use their knowledge to the benefit of all,
  • who think with their own head,
  • are compassionate and at the same time individual,
  • and follow their highest standards of interpersonal relationships based on love and upward?


Advantages of December 2017 – The energies will support freedom, symbolized by the rapid movement of the vessel through open water. Liberation and freedom are emphasized.

Challenges of December 2017 – The challenge will be at the base. How to get out of frames? They will become very tight.

Where to steer energy for the month of November 2017 to achieve your goals -You will only have the only control over situations if you are as relaxed as possible and ready to let go. Therefore, direct the energy into the latter.



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