Find authenticity in chaos and all that disturbs your flow


Today, there is a lot of talk about how to achieve your goals, how to have everything you want, how to live your mission, about big why … and all of that is important, but … The feeling is that 2018 will be revolutionary in every possible way because authenticity in all spheres of life and society is extremely emphasized.


The truth is, that you will not achieve authenticity:

  • As long as you do not deliver into the world what is in you.
  • You will not realize your dreams if you are not clear about what they are and do every day at least one step in the direction of their fulfillment.
  • You cannot change things in your life if you don’t start doing them differently; differently than others and if you are not consistent with that.




For most people, as I see it, the above sentence encourages competition, imitation, defamation, judgment, running from one achievement to another, and frustration on the other hand, because everything looks more beautiful, better and more successful elsewhere. This strategy won’t work in the year 2018. You will have to make a further step, or, to be more precise; you will have to go deeper.


In 2018 two things can happen, a real renaissance into your true authentic self, both personally and collectively, or a catastrophe. It depends on all of us as a society and individuals, what will happen. But I can tell you for sure what not to do anymore. All of us are experiencing an imbalance in our lives, reading about it, watching it on TV, and talking about it. And then we go into our more or less peaceful lives and don’t actually do anything about it. So we are looking at the effects. 2018 is the time to take a deeper look at the causes of imbalances and actually do something about it. First within and then collectively. This is the path that will take us to the true golden era.


My advice is to do a spiritual and material inventory of your life if you havent done it yet. As you do it, have in mind the basic questions:

  • Who do I want to be in 2018?    
  • How can I serve the world, my loved ones, and myself and what can I do about it right now?    
  • How can I use my mind and my intuition to become the most authentic version of myself? 


Look it, you do not need to learn anything more, or new, add, change, but at the same time, it will still be necessary to learn how to extract your true self and remove the layers that cover your authenticity. And if you want to know what kind of the year 2018 will be for you, let me help you light up the path a bit.  The year 2018 will accurately reflect your internal processes. Things are already happening at a speed of light in that behalf, and the universe is infallible here. But it also has the ability to make self-corrections.


The more you understand the heartbeat of the universe and yourself in it, the law of synchronicity and gravity, and how to use them to live the most authentic version of yourself, the year will be fulfilling and more generous in all respects. The more you fight against this and use the knowledge-learning and ways of functioning of the 20th century, such as, for example, 10 steps to… literally copying good practice, dogmas, doing things not from yourself and your own head, but because someone thought you to do things a certain way, the more you will be running into the walls, but only to wake up and connect with yourself, with the creator in you, and establish a genuine connection with universal knowledge.  This does not mean that you do not need some help here and there, no, because mastermind is necessary. However, if you are growing your business, if you are aspiring to find true significant other, if you want a promotion, look firstly within.

Be serious about who you really are

This is the path of a positive change. Authenticity in 2018 is not just a word as such, which means that something that inspired you was borrowed from someone else and that’s why you’re not authentic. Meaning also that you can not express something that was already expressed before by others, that is, recycle words, concepts. NO! Authenticity is to look into your heart and what is written in it, regardless of the norms of society, religion, family, friends, and institutions. Because the fact that we have a copyright problem will be limitations, because everything that exists, what we think, what we strive for, we channel from the universal flow of information, from consciousness. Therefore, we do not really need to discover hot water, but it is imperative that we look into our hearts and ask for the help the creator to help us express what is in our hearts.


In the beginning of January, the unresolved things from the end of 2017 will probably be pushed to transform. Metaphorically, I would advise you to get out of the mud or dust, clean it from your clothes and yourself and carry on. Cut, release, and replace what needs to be replaced. You can do this with the speed of light in early January. More than ever, in January, you will need some firmness. Ground yourself firmly, and do not react to turbulence, chaos, in the middle of which you may have found yourself during the past holidays, and you may have pulled all of that with you into the January. How to do this?  I am usually being “teleported” into a parallel world where I become an external observer of the circumstances in which I find myself. So I get a clear picture. But at the forefront of my observer’s mode, there is always, always loving acceptance and giving energy work and the use of light to help solve tense situations. And that technique is useful for all the situations that I feel are not balanced.


In January, you will be able to solve sophisticated, obscure, chaotic moments by meditating and directing your attention to how you can serve the creator-self-humanity. You know, there is a difference between transcendence and denial. If you regularly meditate, join spiritual retreats, spiritual events, and everything is nice when you are there and you are on the waves of love, that’s OK and recommended, but you can not deny that there are also problems and not deal with them because you could potentially pollute your energy. Everyone, including the best spiritual teachers or mentors, is bloody under the skin because we all are just human beings.  Jesus also said that he is nothing different from us. The only difference is, that he has nothing added.Thus he could heal the man of leprosy because he saw his divine self, authenticity or perfection, and not sickness and fear. But we are still filled with layers of social, religious, family dogmas that will, whether we want it or not, set us back us in 2018. Personal, spiritual and thus material development will not be possible in 2018 unless you are authentic.


So, work on accepting yourself with all your perfection, for you were born, regardless of what kind of problems you have so far faced, perfect. You did not need to add anything or change it.  I remember when I was a young girl and I had a few boyfriends. From my first boyfriend, everyone wanted to change something on/in me. The first one thought that I had a gram or two literally of too much fat on my belly, even though I was skinny and also a recreational athlete. Another thought that I express my opinion too freely. The third thought, that it is my job to cook and get up early in the morning to prepare his breakfast even though I went to work later than he did. But already at that young age, I had an immense urge towards freedom and life without limitations, and something didn’t sit right with me in all of these relationships. I was not able to convince myself about what they were saying because the essence was strong, this was my perfection. Up until I met my significant other, who said the following words: I like you just the way you are. He did not want to add anything, take anything away, regardless of my mistakes, virtues.  Creator, the universe sees us as perfect just the way we are and always make self-corrections in the direction of perfection and balance. Therefore, if you want to fulfil your New Year’s vows in 2018 and January; lose 5 kg that you have gained over the holidays, take more time for yourself and exercise, earn a 1K or two more, start or upgrade your business, set the foundations in January by cutting off painful parts of relationships, energy, work, everything that you feel is not working and started to burden you.

Yes! There’s no room for compromise in 2018. To start building your own – the above-mentioned or other goals – it is time to start seeing-feeling yourself as the person you want to be in 2018.

  • You who are having XYZ kg? How do you behave, think and feel, how do you spend your days day, where are turning points when you want to start eating and your goodwill is compromised, and all the progress you have made tends to fall into the water. Yes, these points are very important and you have to prepare yourself, established a practice that helps you to go beyond it.
  • You who is having a regular exercise on the list of your priorities? How do you think/feel about your health, how do you behave, dress, look like.
  • You who are earning 1 or 2K more? How do you feel? How do you see the world? What is your money frequency and how do you match 1 or 2Ks more? What is it that you do with that money? What kind of lifestyle do you have? What have you changed to earn more?
  • You who upgraded the business? What habits do I have, how do I feel about my business, how do I express what is inside of me, in which direction do I want to develop, who can help me in this.


Go deep with those answers my friend.


The beginning of January is ready for you to question yourself about the important areas of your life and your New Year’s vows and go deeper into the answers. But not as I have already mentioned, using 20th-century thinking, but rather in connection with the Universal Internet. There is everything that has ever existed, there are all versions of you, there is all the knowledge, there are all answers to all the problems, and as soon as the problems arise.


I wish you authentic 2018. Reach for your dreams and make them alive by actively implementing them. Good luck!

With love, Tamara  



The good news is that the January will fulfill your personal desires immediately if you really give yourself into the service of the divine.


Do not be afraid of birthing new shapes that come into your life. There is an update of the system going on.


Investigate a negative potential within you. Work on transforming it into a positive potential.




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