Be as natural as possible!   Be true You!


February brings a gently fresh breeze, which will light up small aha moments in our minds.


The things we have been fighting so far, or for which we are looking for solutions, will now be clearer. Not in the sense of opening new paths, but in the anchoring of simple insights, which will be essential parts of our mosaic of balance and meaningful life, as well as the birthing of projects that were long dormant in us.


Yes, I could say that the tensions will be released. February’s energies will support a natural action. Everything that you will be forcing will become even harder, everything that will feel natural will be easier. Inspired action is recommended as always, but I would say that natural action is a step further and it will bring success.


The red thread of the year, and thus in February, remains authenticity.


Therefore, I advise you not to sail against the wind, but rather to wind with the wind, even if it means that you will go in the opposite or different direction than before. Because they are obviously showing me the way in the analogy with wind and ocean, it is also suggested that this wind can be strengthened at the end of February, and the sea becomes much rougher. But this voyage will be exciting in the best sense if you are firmly anchored in your own avant-garde direction, the inner balance, and the meaning of your existence.


So be what you are, every moment of your action BE NATURAL !!!


I highly recommend watching a webinar – Authenticity, Miracles and Practical Use of the Intuition, which also includes an exercise that will merge you with your authentic expression. It will be available for viewing only for a few more days. You can access it here.


It seems that February will not allow the covering up, false behavior, hiding of information, and so on. I have the feeling that this will also be noticeable in public life. Everything that is artificial will become invisible in some way, and everything that is real will be more visible. Nice!


Previously you could still hide things, but now it will not be possible anymore. The problem can only arise if you do not work in accordance with your potent inner expression, as it can even cause a mental-emotional meltdown. Therefore use modern means of balanced living such as meditation, yoga, long walks in nature (solo, not with friends, except perhaps with your pet).


February will be short and maybe this is why this universal Intuitive Forecast of the Month is very concentrated. If it seems to you that you’re losing your mind, know you are not, but that only your higher self-wants to get rid of the layers that are covering the ability for your authentic expression. Let go of the armors, feel the gentle breeze of the February mini-insights, recognize them, write them down and start living.


All that you feel is merely an expression of the will of the creator for you to feel it.


The true description of your emotions is hidden deep within your subconscious mind, which affects the conscious system of thinking. And as long as you allow your conscious mind to be managed by the subconscious, you are just like an advanced version of a robot that is fully programmed and does not know how to produce new solutions, except the ones on the basis of what it has learned so far, which were so to speak pre-loaded into it. So you can look for the same problems for different responses, but not the new ones if you understand what I mean.


Only when you let go of the belief that the mind is the ultimate tool of creativity, and you move to your heart in finding new solutions, you can make a step towards the conscious creation of your life. That is your connection to the higher self, and you are bringing into your life the power that was given to you, as well as your unique expression and gifts.




Only when you are focused on transmitting information from your center, you can develop as a complete being, which transcends your personality. Look, for example, the babies. When they are born they seem like they don’t know anything, they can’t take care of anything. I’m talking about basic life matters like eating, walking, speaking. However, the newborns are intelligent beings connecting to the world through the heart, through which they receive information from the environment, translate them, and releases them back into the environment. All they need they manifested with the intelligence of their heart, without even lifting a finger or thinking hard about it. They are able to achieve this by activating this intelligent operating system that we call the heart.


I am inviting you to find this rhythm of the intelligence of your heart inside of you, with the exercise that I will be sharing with you privately and help you activate it. Book your heart intelligence activation session here.


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Intuitive guidance in short



February will gently push us in the direction of activating the new ideas that have been with us all the time but have not yet received their application in the material world.



Sometimes when we are on a wave, we are full of ideas and we want to realize them all at once. Our body may not follow the tempo. And this may be a challenge in February.



Steer your energy to your home. Reset the energy of your home, you know, according to feng shui. This will bring healing to all areas of your life.

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