March began with a full moon, which brings special energy to the beginning of the month. If you’re aware of the lunar cycles, then you know that the air is full of positive ions at full moon’s cycle, which makes us feel heavier and less inspired. But life itself has cycles and there is a time for introspection and time for action.


Full moon is excellent for introspection, letting go, forgiving, and abandoning what no longer serves  you preparing space and us for everything you want to manifest in the near or distant future. Action time begins again with the new moon, which will be on the 17th march.


 “Take me to the magical world, which I create with each thought as carefully as I choose my dress for special occasions. Lightness and a walk-on the lake’s surface on the edge in the half-moonlight with the powers of the magician, who is unstoppable.”


The above words came as soon as I connected to the universal Internet to begin writing intuitive guidance of the month. Quite poetic, and not at all my style, right? At the same time, this is a strong message for the month of March, with an emphasis on mystical poetry. Perhaps you can use the above words in March to connect with your mystical powers.


The impulse will be so strong that everything will be possible if you are going to work from your centre, be well-anchored in the present, and in full power. So you better get ready to fully harness the energies of the month.


Mystical will be shown and intertwined with everyday life, as it has not yet been. March will be full of inspiration and really high frequencies of the crown chakra level. This is not about expansion, nor is it about creating something new, but it means to be fully present here and now, observing and feeling in to the world in the half-moonlight.


March will be favourable to deal with esotericism and less favourable for those who fear and do not recognize what is on the other side of the veil, which is at least as real as this material world, if not more.


Use these energies and develop your mystical gifts that we all have even more in March. Test them and play with them. Find out what you are capable of.


It seems as if the time of our third dimension will cease to exist and we will be moving in this half-moonlight in March, not completely in darkness, and not completely in the light either. Pure connection with the mystical world will be enhanced though.


March will be less favourable for secular affairs.  


They tell me not to start with brand new things and projects. And yes, even Mercury goes into o the retrograde movement on the 23rd of March. That is a good time to re-view projects, relationships, things, and not to start new ones, as there may be complications. There will be inspiration in the air, but not the right time for action.  If you want to start something new, then take advantage of the window between March 17th and 23rd for launching new projects. Those who already act in accordance with the law of synchrony are already in the flow. You than know that things do not work out, if there is no real purpose behind them, and that hey are naturally transformed into something else. But those who have not yet fully integrated the law of synchronicity, taken into account the planets, the moon and, above all, Mercury in the retrograde, may have a few more challenging situation in March.


The key of the month is a PERFECT FUSION with everything that is, without fear; JOY, when you know that there is neither past nor future, nor lack, no struggle, no worries, only this perfect fusion with a moment that is perfect by itself.


Use the energy of the moon to feel that, because you would have many opportunities to strengthen trust in yourself, feel the love and energy of abundance within. That is exact moment when you feel that that you can no longer nether deny nor ignore your unique purpose. As if all human-like emotions like comparisons, competition, feelings that you are above or below others etc. ceased to exist.


The key question that you may have already wondered about will be: WHY AM I HERE? If you decide to explore mystical world in March I am sure you will get a clear answer.


Be present here and now with your heart and not with your head.  



Only if you have a good foundation you can walk on the edge of the mystical world without being carried away or scared or even broken.


A big challenge will be to manage your indecision when you are under the pressure of making a decision. Logical doubts in to you inner wisdom may arise.


The essential shift will have to be done in the head, that is, in your mind. Accept the fact that everything is constantly changing, transforming, ending and starting.


Help spreading positive vibes…

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