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Every month is a new beginning in some ways, even if it is indeed a continuation of the previous one. The more sensitive we are, the more we feel this waves of time, these cycles, and rhythms, and it is easier to use them for what we intend to achieve.

Perhaps you too felt a stillness at the end of March, as if the world had stopped and nothing was happening, or it was happening very slowly. You may have experienced feelings of uncertainty, confusion, and you did not feel safe anymore because no matter how hard you tried, things weren’t moving forward. Considering that we were moving along the edge of the mystical world in March, it was somehow normal.

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Only when we stop, stand still for a moment we can truly exist at the moment.
Catch it, feel it, also feel the invisible world, which is an indivisible part of us. I am curious about what was happening in March in your life and whether you discovered some new worlds or even your hidden talents in March? Please comment below and let me know what was happening.

The activities in the sun also had a significant effect on us, as they were significantly strengthened. They directly affect the Earth’s electromagnetic field and our field. I shared more about that in my FB group.

Let me remind you that Mercury is still in the retrograde movement until April 15th and that pushing things forward will not help you achieve your goals.

Start April with by nurturing yourself, the relationships, things and projects on which you’re currently working. Try to bring in more UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

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I know that that can sometimes be very hard, but at least try. When something triggers you say to yourself: I can’t feel unconditional love in this situation, but I am willing to feel it.

If you can bring more of unconditional love into everything you are in April, the thing will massively start flourishing after the 15th. That is very individual, so think about that for a moment. If you manage to do your best, and in all areas of your activities and relationships, you can expect this flourishing energy that looks like beautiful fireworks of white lights to come true in the second half of April. It will come from the heart.

Start coordinating your head with your heart so that your actions will be more harmonious, and the results in the material world will be excellent, as they naturally belong to you anyway.

Continue to explore your inner world in April, at least in the first half, because this will help you when you find yourself in the dark moments. What is your intuition telling you? What are the ascended masters with whom you work, the archangels, the angels telling you? What does your mind do in this conversations? Does your mind work for your higher good, or is it harmful?


At Intuitive Success Coaching, we will dedicate April to connecting with your inner guidance, the messages of our guides, angels, the entire heavenly kingdom, and also more conscious work on the mindset (programming for success). That’s why I am warmly recommending that you join me every Tuesday at 10 am (GMT + 1) in FB live. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and get some guidance to help you steer in the right, more joyful and happier directions, plus there will be a lot of practical exercises shared.



The energy of the month will vigorously support you in the renewal of the spirit as well as energy and vitality, and in releasing of fears.


Problems in April may arise at the material level. Both physical (body) and they might affect your wallet.


Spirituality is very enhanced. Also the highest standards of operation, so steer your energy into the letter.

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