Monthly intuitive guidance is designed to help you live the best version of your life. I hope that it will help you to realize your goals and create the magical experiences you’re destined to live.


We entered May with increased attention to what is happening to us on an individual level and consequently also on the collective level. The first days of May were energetically supportive to those who understood the meaning of sensitivity towards self.


April ended with bloom. Perhaps you felt it more, maybe it just gently touched you, but we were all touched somehow, each of us in a different way.



Increased inflow of creative energy has also brought more exceptional creativity in the outside world, the clarity of vision and the inner urge to actively express yourself through work in the world. I hope you’ve succeeded in surfing this wave and taking advantage of it for your progress.


However, that, like everything else, has its downside. Namely, with such a flow of creativity, you can quickly exhaust yourself. Especially if things do not go 100% the way you planned, or maybe you did not think it through, and this creative flow did not seem to bring you anywhere, or at least not where you felt you want to go.


The letter is happening so that you can recognize the contradictions again. In other words, if we feel exhausted, it is easier to understand the importance of caring for oneself.


With these keywords, I invite you to enter May, which will support you in your sensuality, sensitivity, and sophistication. The energy of the month will be extremely favorable for anyone who uses these qualities in their professions.


If, for example, you are an intuitive counselor, your sensibility will be highlighted in May, so the information you will read will be more precise than before, and at the same time you will be more sensitive, and you will need more care.


If you work in an office, for example, any spoken or written word will affect you more strongly than before. I strongly recommend that you set up your energy field several times per day. That is a light that shines from you, surrounds you, and lays you in a cocoon of higher vibrations.


Here’s how to do this:

  1. Connect to the light from above (the central sun) and the light from below (center of the earth).
  2. This high vibrational beam of light flows through your body filling every cell with 1000 photons of light.
  3. Then observe a small dot of white light in your heart getting bigger and bigger filling your whole physical and energetic body with light.
  4. Light spreads in the form of a sphere around you. Try to expand it to 5,5 m.
  5.  Keep up with your work.



Also think about where in your life and/or work you may lack sensitivity, sophistication, or sensitivity, and where there are too much of those qualities.


May will support you in balancing these qualities. In fact, I see nothing extreme happening in May. That means there will be no significant turbulences or fluctuations in energy. A fantastic month awaits us.


However, May will not be a good time for aggressive action or doing things by force.


Everything that will be done with the feminine energy of creation in May will get its place in this world. It’s just like pregnancy. If you want a baby to be born prematurely, you know that significant problems will arise and that new life will be compromised. But if you devote nine months of pregnancy to caring for yourself, you will provide your child with excellent conditions for a great start of life.


So move through May slowly and very consciously, one step at the time. Things that may not yet have been crystal clear will receive clarity. If you feel you are tired and without energy, then I invite you to book a half day intensive with me. We will work on the flow of abundance, your chakras with emphasis on the first chakra. Write to email, and we will set up a date for our Skype intensive.


I will also be hosting a half-day live event in Slovenia. A lecture on whales and dolphins and their role in consciousness expansion with beautiful meditation and channeled messages. Please write to and my team will send you an invitation or if you would like to organize this event in your town.






May will encourage you to turn your inner conflicts into allies and turn every internal struggle to co-operate with you successfully.



Put your sexual energy into creativity instead of sex because of sex. The latter will be a challenge.



Enjoy the prize at the end of the cycle. Take care of yourself, nurture and revitalize to prepare yourself for new projects.



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