We are already in the first half of the year. Time runs so fast, right?

I am wondering how many of your new year’s resolutions that you wrote down with great enthusiasm, have already been realized? How many have been pushed into the background or maybe even been forgotten?

Let’s be honest, we all have things that we’re excited about, but life steps in, and then we quickly forget about them. Sometimes the comfort zone seems to be a better choice than progress.

We start tackling new-inspired ideas each New Year, and then quickly fall into the old routine, habits, and patterns that distance us from our goals with each passing day. However, these undeveloped seeds can also be quite exhausting.

Mini audit of the year

To begin, I invite you to take out your new years resolution list and refresh it. Carry out a mini-audit of the year. You know, like companies that need to submit an annual business report each year. It would not be wrong if we applied this routine into our personal lives and small solo-businesses.

In June, therefore, take sufficient time to revise your goals, as this is a key that will help you in the future in achieving your goals.

Here is how you can do it very effectively:
1. Write down your unrealized New Year’s resolutions.
2. Look at the weaknesses, obstacles and where advantages and opportunities are for each goal.
3. After those write-down thoughts that you have had about it.
4. Look at the thoughts that are vibrationally below love and release them to unicorns and Archangel Uriel to transform them into the light.
5. Chose and write down the thoughts about it that will vibrationally support you.
6. Decide upon action steps that you will take right now to realize your desire.

You have got it!!!

Soon you will be able to see the positive development regarding your goals.

CLARITY will be your ally in June.

Sometimes a feeling that you need a pause can prevail. But how to pause when you need to generate every day, take care of the family, relationships, clients, money, etc.? Steps mentioned above will help you create energy to get things running, re-starting, or make excellent foundations for later realizations.

The time to rest was in May. In June, however, do not let laziness take over and prevail. Keep the dynamic between action and rest just right.

I’m here for you for 30 min strategy session to help you find the right dynamics and, despite the laziness, to get into the flow and realize your desires, daily and lifetime goals. Click here and book your call.

DO NOT FORGET about the importance of Joy and Play.

Plan your retreat and take time off to rejuvenate, take in more joy, get a clear picture of your life, in which there are no limitations, open your heart chakra to peace and wise love. Those are just a few of amazing things you can expect from our Hawaii Mastermind – Intuitive Leadership retreat. Join us here.

So in June replace the laziness with vitality. Sometimes the replacement of one thought with another is enough for the new momentum.

Drop all the need for control. Only when your energy is released will it lead you to a quick realization.

In June, due to the laziness that can take over, the biggest challenge will be ensuring that you do act in the direction of your potential.

Flower essences will increase your strength and vitality and will restore your vital energy when you need it.


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