In June, you may have felt weird at times. Wierd is the best word describing the general state of being. This weirdness was maybe even covered by laziness.

The sun showed its strength, the holidays north of the equator were in front of the door, and the brain was melting at the first days of heat. Even more strange weather followed this at the time od full moon at the end of the month, which affected our mood.

But if you read June’s Intuitive report thoroughly, and doing the exercise that I shared regularly, then you probably already started to create your NEW REALITY. In fact, this is happening universally. This process is affecting us individually and as well collectively on different levels. I feel this as a quantum acceleration, for which I have waited for some time because I have learned during the years of consciously following my intuition how it feels to be in a field of synchronicity while maintaining my grounded posture and being active.

Try to accept the fact that NEW REALITY is taking place. We are setting it up collectively, as we are forced to do so at a universal level.


However, in July, I particularly encourage you to take a firm stance on the following: HOW DO YOU WANT THE NEW REALITY TO LOOK LIKE FOR YOU? Take charge! Everything that will be happening in the next three or more months will “force” you to adopt it, win it over and begin shaping NEW REALITY consciously.

Here is a technique that will help you to internalize the vision of the new reality. The vision itself is not enough anymore. The vision needs to be internalized, meaning programmed into the heart.

The technique of internalizing – programming into the heart – the VISION OF NEW REALITY

1. Take a few moments to calm your mind and deep breathing.
2. You want to achieve a deep state of relaxation with breath.
3. Stand under the waterfall of emerald green light.
4. Feel your heart and hearts chakra.
5. Do you feel weight or tension in your heart chakra? What is it? Try to release the feeling. Everything is fine.
6. Now ask your heart to project your NEW REALITY before you like a projector. This new reality is much better than your now, much more joyful, much brighter).
7. Write down your impressions.


Although many people will still be fighting for survival, in July, this will not be the theme of the month. July will encourage us to create the new quality of living. Regardless of what lifestyle you have now, we will probably have collective thoughts on how we can improve it and make it better, more in-depth and quality. I feel that abundance will be flowing trying to anchor into our lives and that we will be much more open to receiving it.

Therefore, I am inviting you to introduce improvements into your life in July. Take essential areas of your life under the scrutiny and strive to improve in them.

• For example, a relationship with a partner. How could you bring in more love, reciprocity, listening in to this relationship?
• Or, for instance, if you have some hobby that you love, that relaxes you. How could you turn this hobby into a full-time profession?
• Or, for example, what changes would you adopt into your diet to raise your vibration?
• Or, how could you serve your community better than ever?

These are just a few examples. It is vital that you know these things and focuses on them. That’s how you will be creating your new reality.




2018 The energy of July will encourage you to change. Jump into the new dimension of life will be happening.


If you have been putting too many things under the carpet for a long time, you can experience some shock, or be sobering up.



I encourage you to often ask for a miracle, as this will BE ALIGNING YOU WITH THE ENERGY OF MANIFESTATION of your goals, desires, intentions. Keep your focus on serving.


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