It is wonderful when you can be working from just about anywhere, as long as there is an Internet.


When I was writing this blog my office looked precisely as in the photo above. Pacific in connection with Big Island, an island of high contrasts, represents the root chakra among the Hawaiian Islands. It is also known as just Hawaii, and it is the bond between heaven and earth.

Anyone who is not ready and in resistance will be powerfully shaken out of their pants by Hawaii. On the other hand, it provides softness and joy in the grace of the ocean surrounding it with the dolphins and the whales in these warm tropical waters.

You cannot be prepared for the visit, as it doesn’t allow it, even if you think you are, you may be shocked when you come here. Everything you need to know or see will reveal itself in perfect timing. Switches or transformations occur here daily. When I first returned from the island in 2012 when I was first swimming with dolphins, I said that I am changed forever. My awareness expanded significantly and is continuing to grow.


Quickening is happening right now

Quick transformation is happening here if you can recognize it and if you are open to receive them. Energies are offering similar energy boosts. You will be supplied with everything you need to bring new awareness to consciousness and into practice. They have been growing for the last years, and they must be crystal clear by now. Your purpose now is to implement them in your daily life.

How? That is common question nowadays. The answer is always the same. Take the first step and then the next one, and the next and try turning off your rational mind during the process.

If you have not yet unconditionally started following your heart and intuition, then its time to get yourself busy with that, otherwise – believe me – you won’t be all that happy.


Forcing things will make you learn the lessons the hard way

In Two Step bay, where the Dolphins frequently rest and you can swim with them of shore it was quite challenging to get out of the water especially when swimming in your direction and waves pulling you in another direction. A few days ago a gentleman injured his face, arm, and knee. On the other hand, we who have learned to go with the wave (flow) and not to try to go against it elegantly landed on a rock using the power of the waves, which made it a lot easier.

Compelling energy can, therefore, be used to your favor if you can go with the flow or it can hurt you, making you learning your lessons the hard way in case of fighting it and stubbornly trying to go in the other direction.

The more you are rational, logically forcing things, the more you can be “hurt.” The more you can go with the flow, connect to your inner wisdom, the easier it will be for you to swim in the turbulent waters and you may even start enjoying this crazy yet powerful ride.


Intuition is the source of scientific mind.

– Aristotel

Expanding consciousness and listening to your intuition opens the door to the new awareness that is anchoring into your reality. With embracing it and implementing intuition, you can change not only your life in a significantly positive way but also the lives of many other people.

The universe will respond to your explicit intention and pure heart thus providing you with everything you need to follow your heart and intuition. You should be trusting yourself. Therefore your basic block can come from not believing yourself.


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