The first word that came from the universal pool of knowledge and insights is gentle melancholy.


When a thing happens that at first glance does not seem encouraging, it is an opportunity for transformation and thriving on all levels. Because according to the law of polarity, melancholy can also be an inspiration. These are only different levels of the same vibration, meaning you can always adjust your cursor to the level you want to get closer to.


Keep this in the frontal brain cortex of your brain in October, as it will be extremely important. Deepening on the principle of action polarity, active management of reality, and, in fact, your intuitive powers that will be necessary for all vague and incomprehensible events to receive their special place and meaning.


Therefore, in October you should not fall into melancholy. If you feel it, remember these words, because in these same feelings there is also an inspiration. This inspiration, which will be available in October as the opposite of what you may feel, will not be in the style of a saying, “Jump across the stream where the bridge is, “as we say in Slovenia when referring to young people who are very impulsive, but it rather feels a depth, a pearl of wisdom that is hidden behind the inspiration.


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October shows that ideas will fall to fertile soil, so do not hasten them, but give them enough energy, shape, and reflection – in short, nutrients – to make them successful. Success is not achieving the result in this case. Success is that you do something in the direction of realization of your intentions every day.


In October, take good care of yourself. Provide your body with healthy and vitamin-rich foods and fresh air to have enough energy to raise the polarity scale from possible feeling of melancholy or even worse depression to inspiration.


They tell me that there will be a mas of angels above us in October – magnificent anger chore.


Know that they don’t interfere with our free will, so we will be the ones who will have to expand our light towards them if we want to have benefits of this pool of light that will be available to us. They are waiting for us to do this step and light up. Their support is available in unlimited quantities, so don’t worry. They will help us preserve and strengthen the light unlimitedly.


It is also the same as in life. To pursue any goals, you have to take steps to align with the energy of whatever you’re striving for whether it is:

romantic love,

profitable business,

writing a book,

launching a program,

spiritual growth.


So, do not forget to ask the angels to help you with your intentions, while maintaining a peaceful and grounded posture.


They tell me that if we decide to take this light or connect with it, we will light up like lighthouses in the dark and illuminate a much larger area than before, thus having a more significant impact on our lives and the world.


Are you ready for that?


Since the inner peace and light are emphasized in October, I am suggesting a great meditation I came across. It is called ECO meditation by Dawson Church. You can find it here: Meditation will help us to enlighten our inner worlds, to establish peace and share it with the world.


How, then, can the energies that are available, be used to achieve practical things in life and work?


Most of all, be what you are, be faithful to yourself. Be in contact with what is happening within you with your feelings. Do not fight them, because melancholy can quickly fall into depression and if it does, then it is more difficult to snap out of it. Do not try to deny your feelings or subordinate them. Just be with them. That is why I am especially warmly suggesting a regular spiritual practice like Eco Meditation. It will help you to always return to the center of your inner peace and love. It will also be the right medicine in October.


Live your purpose and make money along the way.

If you have not received a call yet, or you have, and it is already on your bucket list – the CALL TO LIVE YOUR LIFE PURPOSEwill be even stronger in October. Do not get into euphoria or even panic about it. Just be with it in lovingly present. In particular, dedicate your time to cultivating this authentic and prosperous part of yourself. If you have any questions regarding living your lives purpose, I am an expert in helping you get clarity on that. Book a call with me here, click on the button:

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Regarding the red thread, which is the strengthening of light and a compelling call in the direction of living your life purpose in full potential, it is essential to pay particular attention to the details regarding your feelings, ideas and other perceptions beyond the mind.



It seems that in October it will be necessary to decide for itself and that this will be the biggest challenge. When the path is divided, either you can either go on the right or left of the fork. But you cannot go straight.



Regardless of how much you have to expand your energy to reach out to angel choir, you also have to stay grounded in October. Steer your energy into qualitative energy expansion, so that you do not get carried away.



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