It is (un)believable how quickly things change, but at the same time, they remain quite the same. In between the two processes, there is a potential, energy that either goes somewhere else, or it stays within us and helps us create the best version of ourselves.


After filling up with the energy of crystals when visiting Europe’s largest crystal fair in Munich at the end of October, I will be spending November in the creative use of this potential. I will pay particular attention to the details in designing my dreams. It is what I highly recommend you too in November.


The crystals are hidden under the rock. Once discovered and with a bit of polishing, they shine like stars in the night sky.

Let the above words be the starting point for contemplation in November. November’s energies will support the silence, contemplation and traveling within.


It is interesting how in Slovenia we’re starting November with honoring the memory of those who have passed by taking the time for reflection when we lit the candles on their graves, and how we will be finishing the month already in Christmas spirit. Christmas is also the time for reflection, warmth, family on the one hand and the other if you’re in any business, the time to achieve sales results, auditing and also partying.


However, I am getting a strong message for November as well as for the beginning of December not to force yourself if you do not feel the need for partying and shopping. Nothing will be wrong if you dedicate more time this year to yourself. A journey within in silence is also the red thread of the month.


It will help you:

  • find meaning in the events that make no sense,
  • stay grounded (which is very important if you want to find the meaning in what is happening),
  • resolving conflicts potentially. That means that when conflicts accumulate, this approach will help you to disperse this energy into the air.


If you were experiencing difficult relationships so far, the relationships that you invested much energy in the fact that conflicts or open confrontations did not occur, or you could not hold back, and there was as we say, “fire under the roof”, the above-mentioned approach will help you release conflict in November. It will help you see the truth of a particular relationship.


Our November’s meditation at the time of new moon will, therefore, be aimed at releasing the anger. If you feel like you need some help with it, I am available for single Skype sessions.


The anger accumulates in us and limits us in the full experience of the world in joy and love. Eventually, it also begins to manifest itself as a chronic disease. It may seem to you now that the words that we use today – love and joy – are entirely misunderstood and even a little misused, but they describe our divine spark, this substance from which we were created. So, they need a deeper and vibrational understanding. That said, you have something to contemplate on in November.



The more I investigate the meaning of our existence, the laws of manifestation, the use of intuition, the more the following truth is being revealed to me. No matter what we are experiencing here, we are part of the divinity of the divine, and this is our truth and the value from which we can always draw strength and inspiration for positive change.


Yeah, I see we have many more things to unlearn. In the Course of Miracles, of which I am a student, this process takes six months. I am inviting you though to do UNLEARNING EXERCISE at least for the whole of November and keep a diary of it. If you need to know more about how to start with the exercise, and how it will help you in your life and business, book a 30. min free consultation with me. Click here.


Yes, you can do the UNLEARNING EXERCISE in your own way, but I suggest the following:

  1. Find a quiet place where you will not be undisturbed for at least 4 minutes.
  2. Connect with the light from above and below and extend it from the area of your heart throughout your body and energy field.
  3. Then ask the question: What do I have to unlearn today?
  4. Write down the answer.
  5. Let your day pass in applying the message you have received in practice.



I wish you a beautiful and peaceful November.


In the meantime, we count the days until the beginning of the Intuitive Leadership retreat in Hawaii, contact with the angels of the oceans dolphins and the wise teacher’s whales. This year’s retreat as it now shows is bringing about significant changes, especially in the area of experiencing and creating prosperity. I’m already very excited. Everything is ready.


I will be glad to hear from you about how you’re doing. I am also always available for 30 min. free consultations.


My November will take place in preparation for the retreat, devoting my time and knowledge to my clients and family, and the details of preparation for the novelties I will reveal in December.


How will you use your time of silence?


With love, Tamara



The focused and orderly operation is very emphasized. November is also the time to press pause and to consider your desires and opportunities that are standing right before you.



If you are not the most receptive to change, in November this may be a significant challenge. Indeed, in November, thousands of obstacles will be put on the way.



As already indicated, spend time in solitude, peace, and balance. Know that the best thing in the world is knowing how to belong to yourself.


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