The energy of January 2019 will be very slow moving at the start of the month. As if some energy ball would hold the light within and fog on the outside slowly unfolding the by the third quarter of the month.


That’s why my advice for the first ten days of January is to stay within your energy in contemplation. I know that most of us start the year with goal settings and intentions, but this time I suggest that you wait at least for the first ten days of the month. Then begin with actively setting the foundations for generating prosperity in 2019.


The time which you will dedicate to yourself at the beginning of the year will be very lucrative later.  That contemplation time intends to deepen your vision and its consolidation before it begins to manifest itself outwardly.


When this energy bubble of the light breaks out, the vibration will significantly accelerate, and things will start to take place quickly. If you’re not ready, this can slow you down and put a lot of stress on you. Therefore, the first ten days of the month are so very, very important. It is vital that you prepare well for the acceleration of vibration that is coming. Prepare for it physically, emotionally and spiritually. All three are part of the whole. Don’t let this powerful wave of energy lower the floor beneath you.


I feel a bit of general confusion in collective energy. Unfortunately, I do not have a magic wand to disperse it or to help infuse more clarity into it. Everybody has to work on it individually and start its transformation holistically. Transformation is a natural given gift and a part of the contract that we signed when entering the earthly life.


This means that, for example, if you want to:


♥ To do something different than before, you have to do this in a holistic way and above all devotedly.

♥ If you wish to have a fulfilling romantic partnership, you have to get out of your way and open your whole heart, even if you will be hurt along the way.

♥ If you want your business to run on autopilot and the sale going on lightly and naturally, you have to remove internal obstacles to prosperity and raise your abundance consciousness, and at the same time act consistently and actively on a daily basis;

♥ If you want peace in the world, happy relationships, you have to spread this vibration first from your heart and mind field.


These things are working behind the scenes flawlessly and more and more uncompromisingly. There is no longer allowed to withdraw from the responsibility for creating a world of well-being. It will all start to push you and push you down if you do not take on full responsibilities for co-creation of events on this planet.



In December 2018, we were on Big Island, Hawaii, on Intuitive leadership retreat, which I hold once per year, and the message of Pele, the goddess of a volcano, which vigorously showed her powers last year on this island, where the soil is still shaking, was clear. The raising of consciousness is taking place too slowly. People are learning to slowly about extreme importance their individual role in this regard. The development if the earth goes on from 3D to 4D, and if humanity doesn’t raise the vibration, our existence will become a challenge.


I want to write something more encouraging, but as usual, I stick to my inner guidance. It keeps me firmly in the line of what it’s intended to be put on paper. But, on the other hand, there is some clarity and purity in this message and the energy of January. I do not want you to have to experience a catastrophe before you experience clarity because you do not need it. You can build your “mission” and potential in a very rational way.


What could be a catastrophe at a personal level? Here are some examples from the practice:

♥ The loss of everything you’ve built up to date (business, partnership, wealth).

♥ The loss of health.

♥ The loss of sense of direction of your life …


What can be a disaster at a global level:

♥ The eruption of a volcano that overshadows the sun for a long time on a worldwide scale.

♥ Communications shut down (internet, telephone service).

♥ Other natural disasters and wars …


No, I do not have the feeling that January will be catastrophic, but it will in the first two weeks force us to look within and to revise our role in the world with the intention if its consolidation.


The invisible world will lead us to full expression and take on our personal responsibility for creating prosperity on the individual, collective and planetary levels.


When the fusion of our consciousness with the rhythms of nature, the earth, and the universe arises, our lives will also focus on the value of prosperity as one of the highest values and the actual acceptance of conscious co-responsibility for individual and global events, even though they are thousands of miles away from us.


If I briefly summarize the collective intuitive guidelines for January 2019, here is its essence:


♥ Spends the first ten days inward, in the contemplation and consolidation of her inner strength,

♥ Then start creating a clear intention for the realization of 2019 goals, but they should involve strengthening your role in responsibility for what is happening to our civilization and the planet,

♥ If you ever decide to compromise on behalf of your intentions, let them be well thought out and bind them only if it is for a higher good.

♥ Strengthen your inner strength, stemming from the field generated by your energy system.


Let me know what is going on in your life and business. I will be more active in my group and on Instagram where I will be answering your questions.


Happy New Year and lots of love, Tamara



In the first two weeks of the month, it will surely be time to withdraw into yourself, and during this time you can allow divine intervention to intervene, and you just keep your vibration by meditating regularly and strengthening the light within you …



There will be a lot of challenges, and their common point is to find inspiration, overcome pessimism and gather power for the next necessary steps. The challenge will create a vision of inspiration …



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