The energy of March will be favorable for motion. Those motions or shifts can be internal or external. Internal alterations can manifest as changes in thinking and perception of things, which will also display as behavioral changes.



Don’t be surprised if people you know and are let’s say more in the flow, have changed. That will be the result of internal shifts and new profound insights. The same can happen to you too of course. Just be with that process if you notice it happening, don’t try to fight it.

I pointed out many times that we can no longer ignore and be unaffected by everything that is happening in the world and our immediate surroundings. It’s as if our good assistants from other dimensions are whispering to us louder and louder: wake up already. On the other end others – not so helpful assistants – would want to turn us off more or less subtly.

It also does not need a super mind to know that it is something wrong with today’s world if people are still starving to death, don’t have a roof over their head, that lack of money is a myth and that wars are avoidable and unnecessary. It also does not require a super mind to find that something is wrong with the values of a global society, which still supports the proliferation of energy of lack, survival, and fear.

On the outside movements can mean migrations, changes of residences, travel, changes in the work environment, jobs or services. Shifts are not particularly pointed out to occur in romantic relationships, but consequently, due to physical movements, they can.

March is bringing whole new energy and the best advice for joyful management of here and now in March is to diminish the need for control and go into the flow with this energy. It does not mean that you throw yourself down the rapids not knowing where you’ll land. No. It means that you strengthen your grounding, your roots and thus the stability of your growth. Only then can you step into the flow and consciously control it.
The warning comes for people who are not in their energy and who do not have a solid foundation.

They may reach for the stars and encounter problems for doing so. That usually means that they can throw in the towel for a long time and stop reaching for the stars. If you are going to have such feelings in March, remember the words of famous Slovenian poet Preseren, but maybe in a slightly different context: The lure of learning beckoned me away. Its serpent wiles enticing me to roam,… What he meant with this line was that he left his home, because he wanted to learn and later on had regrets for leaving his home. In short, do not let be steered away from your dream if that happens. All you need is to strengthen your foundations and enhance them. Stay thirsty for knowledge but maintain stability and be aware of your roots.

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March focuses primarily on the freshness and the feeling that you are, or you will shortly, make a determined but natural motions forward.

Be strong in your foundation, then feelings and then purpose, or direct all efforts in March to strengthen your foundation. To do this, I have the feeling that you will have to clearly know HOW you want to continue living and creating in this world, this time and space. The quality of the foundations is very, very important in March. The builders know this very well.


The March will encourage us to travel to uninvestigated parts of ourselves and our subconscious, plus physical changes in our environment, space as well as travel.


Keeping the purity of your thought processes to which, you will be dragged continuously to will be a challenge and thus separating the grains from the weeds – your thoughts from the projections of the ideas of others.


Don’t ignore important details. Accuracy -or, to put it more correctly, the power of manifestation – will depend on that. Go deep.

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