When the storm comes, be ready!


It’s only smart to get ready for bad weather before it comes. Because if you do not cover the roof with stones, as they do in part of windy Slovenian landscape, strong winds can blow you away. By then it is too late to get ready for it. In April we will not be able to avoid metaphorical storms, so I am suggesting preparing for them.


Storms bring clearing. The stronger they are, the more violent this clearing can be. But it is up to you and the state you’re in how “violent” the clearing will be in April. No matter how violent they will be, they will help you with a diamond clear vision and a huge step forward, even if you have to start from the zero point forward. Nature works and we cannot escape its laws. But we can adapt to them, begin to respect and use them.


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Synergy is the keyword that comes in April and brings a new quality. Somehow, in the style of the saying, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Adjust to it. The energy of the month will namely support starting large and long-term projects.


How to prepare for a “storm”:


  1. Strengthen trust in yourself, your decisions and the course you desire to travel. In doing so, the foundations will be built, which I hope you started building in March already. If you have, that will be a great help in April. In this case, you can’t be blown away from your path by a slightly larger fan, change direction because of a big shiny object on the way or even get lost.


  1. Continue working on consolidating the foundations so that you do not get blown away while at the same time keeping your flexibility. The other day I spoke to a client of mine who said that the universe showed her what she should do with sending her customers who are asking for a specific service, although she may not be offering it this moment. So, she adapted and started offering it.


  1. Create a space of warmth, heart connections, and relationships, where you can find shelter before the storm. You can do this by creating an altar where you meditate every day for the purpose of consolidating foundations, gratitude, and warmth. You can spice up your home and add warmth, some deco, a sculpture, a special cup of tea to it. You can be with your partner – when you create thematic evenings of warmth, when snuggling under the blanket and are just one with another. You can create a support group, as you know, as in the case of an emergency, when people come together and help each other without expectations, exchanges like you give something to me and I give something to you in return, etc. If you have any other idea about how to create a warm and cozy space, share it with our community here. We will be grateful.


Support and the environment in which we can create stable growth will be needed in April. However, no one will provide it to us. We have to create it ourselves.


If you feel that you would benefit from some more energy, mental and pure earthly support to stay courageous on your path and also to grow, join the Elite Mind or Intuitive Leader program. I will personally speak with you and intuitively check whether those programs are for you. Book your strategy session a.s.a.p., before April rocks your foundation.


Due to the Mercury in retrograde, who resuscitated us a lot and held us in some kind of embrace of ice for the past few weeks, I am offering a 20% off on both programs for first 10 who book a strategy session for me and join both or one of the programs.


Be in the program and take advantage of strong April energy for the realization of long-term and huge life-changing projects.


I am available for further information, questions, debates, your feelings and thoughts, and I am already looking forward to it. Click here.


With love, Tamara


P.S. In short:



April comes with a more favorable time to be creating long term abundance, positive outbursts and more happier situations than the first three months of the year. So keep your flexibility in mind as this energy boosts will come from unexpected directions.



In April, you can quickly fall into denial about something and put yourself in the role of the victim in some way.



Direct your energy into learning and upgrading your life, relationships that are based on mutual respect, love and communication exclusively from love and tenderness.



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