I am sitting by an empty sheet of paper with my head full of to-dos, adjusting schedules, sending out modules, replying to client e-mails, turning off and switching on my live presence on social networks, and trying to connect with the vibration of May 2019.


Sometimes it’s not as easy as adjusting to the frequency of the radio station I want to listen to. I don’t need a lot of energy for the later, because I have an interface, a radio receiver. Sometimes the connection to the universal pool of knowledge takes a little longer.

Thousands of thoughts pass through my brain, including the thought that I may just need a retreat. Hawaii comes to mind. Retreat to the salty water of the ocean, the home of whales and dolphins, and whose molecules are supercharged. Oh, how that would feel good right now.




I wonder if this is not the red thread of the energies of May.


All I see when I look into May 2019 is a glowing light, which most resembles the light of the creator. The noise that comes from my surroundings disturbs me. Although I live in a quiet environment it’s pretty noisy as I sit down to channel intuitive guidance. This noise overrides the whistling whistle of the birds, which reminds me of the refined sounds of dolphins.


Do not wait for the light to come to you. Cultivate it every day and let it take over your energy field of living, working, thinking, and sensing.


This is the basic message of the energy of May 2019. With its bullish determination and Venus tenderness, May calls us to cultivate these qualities in our everyday life.


Practically, this would mean that what you don’t feel good about, you should be raised to a higher vibration. Typical advice for the later would be to let go, but not this time. May is not about burning bridges behind us, because we discovered that at the end of the tunnel there is a light and a certain path does not serve us anymore. No! May calls for a decisive and loving full-fledged action in the direction of this wonderful light, which contains information about how to successfully implement intention in May. You just have to figure them out.


Everything can be read


Perhaps you remember the time when you were a kid and you still didn’t know how to read. You trained your reading skill for a few years, right? And even then, you made a mistake in reading now and then. Do you agree?


I remember my days on the radio when I read the news. I also had to learn this kind of reading the news on the radio, so that I could read them melodically and grammatically correct. I advise you not to create pressure upon yourself about whether you know or not how to read the light. Help is always there. If you want to learn it, I highly recommend my Intuitive Leader Program. Also, one session of intuitive success coaching is a good choice to help you in moving forward with your short-term goals.


In short, the light is full of information that will help you achieve your goals in May.


It is particularly emphasized that in May your main goal should be to spread the highest frequency light. This in practice may look like this. Let’s take the example that you have an important meeting today that you want to prepare for. Perhaps you have to prepare certain material, perhaps arguments, perhaps a sales pitch to achieve your purpose. Of course, this is a good idea to think it through carefully, but even a better one, if you can make a quantum leap into this situation, which is still in the future. If you want to learn about how to do it lets connect and I will lead you through it.


It is very important in May that you send this high-frequency light to a scheduled meeting in front of you. You can do this by doing the suggested process below:

  • Find a quiet place.
  • Set the timer to 5 minutes.
  • Close your eyes and start looking into the glowing sun (such as when the sun is the brightest) with your inner vision.
  • Now enter the scene of how you want your meeting to go into this light.
  • When the timer rings, say: I am fixating my result, and return to this space and time.


Then, send me some feedback on how this exercise helps you achieve your goals in May.


Whatever you think does not work in your life, go to this light repair shop and let it cure, complement, strengthen, fill with light, fix it.


I feel that various things that do not work well will need a lot of time to fix themselves there, so be patient in May too. At the same time, asks for clear guidance on when it has been fixed so that you can take it back from the light repair shop and start using it again, or continue implementing it.


If I take the example from above, that is the meeting. When would the best time for a particular meeting be? You have a subject that you want to harmonize, and you have to meet with different people. This thing is not yet harmonized, if it were, you wouldn’t have to coordinate it, would you? You give it to light and ask for a sign when it will be perfect to convene a meeting.


If you do not know how to use this method exactly – in practice, I invite you to join me in FB group, where I will be available for questions on the topic.


In short, in May, it will be necessary to go to a new level of action, as these steady and seemingly safe measures for achieving your intentions will no longer serve you. Quite the contrary, in all likelihood it may happen that they will start to exhaust you. You do not have to blend with an apathetic crowd of people who, under the disguise of material security, social status or other limitations, throw sand in their eyes and pretend that if they do not see the internal conflict, perhaps even the void, that it does not exist.


Remember that in May even dark things will become more and more visible in the light.


If the emphasize of the last two months have been to strengthen the foundation, May’s Focus turns to light, that is upwards, which otherwise represents a full potential, but it will also be full of practical information for how to effectively accomplish its purposes.


With love, Tamara



In May, the most important thing is that you take to cultivate the light within, let it shine brighter and stronger. This will be your only mission in May. Step back and just be.



May will be full of opportunities to heal if you just let yourself to step back and rest. This will also be a challenge.



Whatever happens, the advice comes not to project things to yourself, or to others. It is light that transforms lower vibrations into higher ones, and the mind is the one who gives the adjectives to things and projects things that are happening to you.


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