While I am very passionate about manifestation, and how it works, I see a few things people most likely forget about when striving to achieve set goals.

Some do the following naturally and if you look back on your life you may probably see the pattern of what actually helped you realize you goals.

Now, to be clear about what I am talking about here, let set something in to the right perspective. I am talking about the invisible world, about the energy, about the information.  The things you can’t hold in your hand or see, but you can for sure feel them. They are as much important as your physical world, which you can hold in your hand and see. Not only that. For manifestation purposes the invisibles are even more important than your daily physical work.


80% of you success is about your energy around the goal and your mindset. Only 20% is your daily routine. 


And sometimes we strive so hard and get ourselves exhausted, that we can’t even enjoy the moment when we achieve something. Yet because of exhaustion and all the hard work around it, we likely firstly see what went wrong along the way and how hard it was, surrounding everything with harsh energies, not giving it space to bloom in full potential.
Setting and achieving goals should be fun!!!!

Here are a few tips to help you set the stage for every new goal to become a reality. Before you jump right in to action I suggest you do the following few things:


1. Clean your space of physically

We have a cleaning lady for that, but now and than I love to clean my house and office myself, because of the energy and love I put in to it. It feels good for several reasons. But mostly because it gives me a chance to recalibrate the energies and because I am sensitive to them I also really tune in and rearrange stuff to put the space in powerful energy flow. I also give my best to physically clean the space, where cleaning lady misses it.While you are cleaning your office, house or apartment, be sure to get rid of the clutter. This is very important. Don’t hold on to things that no longer serve you.


2. Clean your space energetically

When your space is physically cleaned up and things are rearranged, files filed, clothes neatly put in the closet… it is time to clean the energy of the space. Put salt either in the corners of a room or what I usually do is I put it in bowl that is made form natural material (do not use plastic), 1kg for each room and leave it there for a couple of hours or over the night. The salt will absorb lower energies and clean the space energetically. After that throw salt away, do not reuse it.


3. Than use the sage

If you have siege leaves burn them and smoke the room, specially the corners. If you have the siege essence you can spray the room with it. After using the siege I suggest going around the house, office… and start clapping your hands. Yes clap your hands even if it will look weird, so that the most resilient energies will finally leave the space. I am doing that with windows opened even if its winter. It is essential that you ventilate the room well after that procedure. Instead of clapping your hands you can also use soft jingle bells and do the same thing.


4. ReSet the energies

After you have done all of the above, you can light a candle and put the intention in to the space. What is that you want it to serve you for? For example if it is your office, than you could say this mantra out loud for at least three times:

“Dear creator I ask that this place is blessed with all the support that I need to serve my clients at the highest level and get to that inspired place when I need to. Please help my clients find me and bless them with all the support that they need, money and time to procure my services or products. Thank you. So it is.”

I hope that helps, and you will do your best to ReSet the energy of your place and realize your desires. You wouldn’t have them if there weren’t a potential to live them fully. Namely the information you’re sending out can be a bit wobbly if you don’t set your intention, your energy in to the space firstly.  Behind every spoken word, behind every thought, behind every feeling there is precise information sent out in to the space. But I will write about in my next post.


What kind of nursery (space) do you want to prepare to give a start to your goals and desires?




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