In all likelihood, extremes will be reflected by the weather and other global events in the field of political and social life. Regardless of where we are physically located, whether we are on the southern or northern hemisphere, the weather will also be extreme for the season.

We are one. All is one.

We are part of nature, the universe and everything that exists. We cannot deny our connection and interdependence, and this will become even clearer in July. Even if a certain idea is inconceivable for you right now, try to accept it as something that will soon be a new normal part of our lives. Like for example a smartphone. If I were to show it to someone in 1864, they would probably think I came out of space, wouldn’t they? However, today a smartphone is a part of everyday life and nobody is questioning its existence or the normality of its use. My kids even don’t know, that only a few decades ago when I was a child, this device did not exist yet.

The world is changing and so are we, with our behavior, the way we do relationships, healing, eating, traveling … However, the changes we are or will witness in this groundbreaking historical period mean a great leap in the new way of coexistence with both nature as well as one with another.



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Just as awareness raises and the clusters of systems that hold us in a hamster wheel are falling, on the other hand, the antipole also strengthens. We live in the universe of yin and yang, and it is to be expected that where there is a lot of light, there can be a lot of darkness on the other and.

If you will experience the extremes that are emphasized in July, I advise you to often return to your center, where you will find the balance and the path to the establishment of harmony in all areas. More than anything be strong in July and follow your positive feelings. Do not compromise on account of your well-being. The latter is the 1st law of practical use of intuition.

You can quickly return to your center with the following exercise:

1. Inhale and exhale deeply three times very consciously.
2. When breathing, visualize how you inhale the light coming from the central sun and exhaling everything that brings you imbalance (you do not need to clearly define what is it, your intention is enough). When exhaling you can observe the color of CO2 that goes out of your body.
3. Your body is getting more and more relaxed.
4. When you are calm, focus your attention to the area of the heart chakra, it can also be somewhere between the plexus and the heart chakra.
5. In your center, observe how it is filling up with golden white light from the central sun. This light is becoming clearer and bigger.
6. Say in your mind or out loud: I AM HARMONY in my life, the lives of other people and the world in general.
7. Spend some time and observe a dance of light that swells out from your center out and becomes more and more denser.
8. You may in this state begin to receive instructions of your spirit about further practical steps that are good for the deepening and expansion of harmony. Receive and write them down. Then begin to implement them.


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July appears as a month of solitude. The month of contemplation. To retreat will be beneficial to you. It will not be an easy month though. It is necessary to take things as they are and stop fighting them.


It is also advisable to avoid alcohol or other intoxicants in July, as these will greatly lower your vibration, and, consequently, your physical and psychological well-being. For example, you can easily replace alcohol with meditation somewhere near the sound of the sea waves, or the sound of leaves in the wind in a forest. If you do not go to the sea or the hills in July, you can recreate the vibration of natural sounds through the music available on YouTube.


Although July marks the half of the year when we are doing a half-yearly revision of yearly goals, this time July will not be a good time to tackle this.


So, if setting goals and revisioning in July will not go well, do not force this to happen. The motivation and clarity about how to go about the second half of the year will all come at the right time, probably already before the end of July. By that time, spend as much time in contemplation as possible, on the basis of which you will successfully cross-over to a new step of your work in this world.



Enjoy the summer or the season in which you are right now and think about important life truths, insights, relationships, honesty, love, values and other quality life issues.


With love, Tamara

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It will not be an easy month, so retreat and take the time for contemplation as many times as possible. You may feel the need to reorganize your life. Do it. It will help you connect to wealth and abundance more effectively.

One of the major challenges in July will be the impulse, the thought, or the desire for revenge. Be careful in July if there are opportunities for some instant or fast – earnings, happiness, promotion – and promises of Eldorado.

I AM energy is extremely highlighted, so I warmly advise you to do the I AM decrees in July often. Take 100% responsibility for your decisions and ability to move forward.


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