After a month of extremes that we had to deal with in July, August is bringing with it heavier energy. It will not be easy for us. Even if I try so hard to use more encouraging words when translating August inspiration onto “paper,” I can’t find them.


It will not be easy for us are the words that best describe the month of August. No matter where you are, whether you are on a dream vacation, or at home, or you are newly in love, or you just broke up with your partner, or you have a lot of money in your account, or nothing, … none will be immune.


The internal balance will be at the forefront. 


You can always find it within your heart. In particular, I suggest that you keep strengthening your inner power with the intention of restoring your immunity.


When I think about how to best establish immunity myself, the line between establishing immunity and emotional numbness is very thin. So pay special attention to this in August. Because trying to avoid the weight of the month can still carry you to the extreme of emotional numbness. However, I do not advise you to do so, because it is the opposite of the joy, love, and principle of life itself, which is eternal development.


You can achieve IMMUNITY, or in other words, you can achieve FULL EMPOWERMENT when you understand – not just mentally – that you are completely safe and protected from all bad or low vibrations. 


When you know/feel this with your whole being, you receive immunity, which is reflected in life as stability and grace. Stability and grace, as well as gratitude, are the foundations for development and progress. You can achieve this level of security when you fully realize that you are a spiritual being. You are only on a kind of “vacation” here in this life.


I celebrated my birthday In July and the words I used in my birthday letter coincide with the August guidance. You must know that the Creator made us perfect. Just as every parent strives to “create” the best version of their child. However, the Creator also gave us free will, which we often use against ourselves because of the drop of vibration below love that subsequently triggered fear, struggles for power, and all sorts of other unproductive human emotions and actions.


The moment of the creation of our soul was the perfection and integrity to which we strive more or less consciously in our efforts in this life. The moment of our soul’s creation was not full of problems.


This will make it easier for you to reach your goals in August

Remember this if August is going to be difficult for you. Pull the original information from the dust of memories of your soul’s journeys from life to life. Draw all your scattered energy together and work towards your integrity.


When you realize that everything material is being created on a spiritual level, nothing outside can hurt you anymore or pollute you or make you happy or unhappy.


Only the proper use of your body, which represents the material in this world, and your spirit, which represents your original essence, will give you immunity and thus a kind of inviolability against low vibrations. Low vibrations meaning all vibrations below the vibe of love.


If anything hurts you in August, remember that all you have to do is declare your immunity.


The latter, however, requires a good measure of personal and spiritual maturity, as otherwise, you may sweep the problems, the pain, or the challenges under the rug, but this will not be productive again, because they will soon erupt in full force.


So how do you personally and spiritually mature, no matter where you are along the way?


To put it simply, you can achieve this by accepting 100% responsibility for your thoughts, emotions, and decisions at all times. I also suggest that you commit yourself that henceforth all your words, choices, and emotions will be guided from the field of love.


When you 100% accept responsibility for your life, your sentences will never start again with: what if or when I will…


It is my great desire that people do not only embark on their personal and spiritual growth only when they reach the critical point of discomfort when they can no longer continue as before, and when they no longer find the answers to their challenges in the material world but when being at their peak.


When we commit to our holistic growth daily,

even when we are doing well,

then we are the true creators.


Enjoy the journey of blooming to your immense potential.


With love, Tamara


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By aligning yourself with immunity and learning the way it works, you can unlock a new level of wisdom, which will encourage you to move through the weight of the month. Abundance is highlighted through work and purpose.



One of the challenges in August will be the ability to recognize how energy moves and to observe choices in your life that increase or decrease your energy level.



Steer your energy into balancing your goals with desires. If you set them too modestly, the feeling of restriction and limitations will only increase. Set bigger goals!


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