If you a regular reader of Intuitive Guidance For the Month, then you know that August was emotionally a difficult month on one hand, but on the other, it was full of opportunities, especially if you’re in business.


I am genuinely interested in what was going on with you August. You’re welcome to share your insights here in our community of Intuitive Business Leaders here. 

This is what I live for:
Tamara quickly identified where the problem was, guided me through it, and then helped me find personalized solutions to the problem. Her patience is incredible. I would not have a clear picture and goals for next year if Tamara had not been by my side in the last three months as she led me through an incredible life transformation. – Zaneta Funk



If you are facing a turning point in life and want to learn how to better turn challenges into opportunities, make an appointment with me for a free strategy call. Just click here NOW. Take action now, because I only do a few of those per month.

What about you, what do you live for?

September is going to be a very clear month, and it brings the reality check to the forefront. That does not necessarily mean something bad as we often use the term “reality check” for. Again, it depends on where you are in the path of a conscious creator.

Good grounding is advised. Therefore we will begin with exercises and meditation in September that will help us stay grounded and centered. Stay tuned, I will be sharing some in our FB group and FB Fan Page. I will be talking about earth’s chakra in my FB lives, which connects us to the earth and where our ideas mature.


If some things have not been completely clear to you by now, they will clear up in September. As if the fog is rising, and all of a sudden the things that you were confused about until now, will become very clear all of the sudden. Things will become visible and tangible.


It will be very important, therefore, in this clearer light, to conduct some kind of revision of important areas of your life.

August was very active for me and the revisions had already begun. I redesigned my programs, helped my FB group run creative body juices with 31 days of free meditations and visualizations, and free business training that also helped them grow their business if they put things into practice immediately.

Facing reality can mean many things in September:

  • The conditions under which you are still ready to work professionally may change.
  • You may have teenagers in the house and all of the sudden you feel the need to set clear boundaries between who is an adult and who is a child, but at the same time assign more responsibility to your teens, who are not yet quite adults.
  • You may have gone on vacation to the same place for years and years because it was your partner’s wish. Now you may finally admit that this is not an environment in which you would like to spend your vacations again.
  • You might stop being blind to the fact that if you smoke one or two cigarettes a day, doesn’t mean a big deal, regardless of the fact that you’ve been quietly trying to quit this or any other harmful habit for years.
  • Maybe buying bigger clothes is no longer the answer to slowly increasing weight and a good look in the mirror suggests that you have to start exercising and implementing a balanced diet.
  • Maybe you will finally realize that you have nothing missing from your life and will be even more grateful for all that you have created.

And so on. I am sure you get the picture.

Dream big

Dream big is the mantra that swirls in my head as I am writing this. I also wrote them down on our family’s affirmation board. September will encourage the nurturing of your big dreams. It will also be a great time to update your vision board, redesign your mantra and visualization exercises. I have designed a tool that will help stay on track with your goals and spiritual practices every month which will be available for free soon.



September is a good month to deal with all official matters, which will be resolved smoothly and fairly.


Faith will be put to the test. The only anchor in times when faith is at stake is confidence in yourself. Here is a training that will help you build your muscle of inner trust. Click here now. 


Good organization will be your trump card in September. For the price of patience, you will receive success in September.

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