Here is Intuitive Guidance for the month which aims to provide guidance for creating the best version of your life, pursuing your intentions, and creating the wholeness and magic of life.


It looks like October will be a very busy month. It does not say that lots of work and happening would lead to exhaustion, but the month will bring forward the kind of business that will fill you with energy, positive business.

The message that came is that you should be enjoying beautiful autumn that will in a way make you feel good in your heart like you belong. You will most likely feel very cozy.


It will be easier for you to ground yourself without a struggle to do that. That will happen naturally. For spiritual people, it is sometimes hard to stay grounded and that is a challenge if we want to also live a materially full life, not just spiritually full life. Well, that shouldn’t be a problem in October. This, in turn, will add to the clarity and sense of security that comes with it.

The last three months have been very turbulent emotionally vise, and all of that had left its consequences in one way or another. Perhaps your immune system is weakened, you may need more peace, time alone and meditation. Or you may have been able to filter out a volcano of emotions, to create a void that you will now fill with peace.


October brings emotional relief. So, take the time, in spite of your busy days, to sit down in the warm autumn sun and bring that feeling of comfort connecting with warm energy of the sun, that relief, that feeling that everything is exactly as it should be.

Everything is perfect. I deserve it, should be your mantra in October.

The energy of the month will support you in being present at any given moment. Intuitive guidance also shows that you can be very efficient in October. You will likely do more in than in the previous three months together when nothing seemed to be happening despite the activities you were taking.


Well, October is turning out to be a month of positive manifestation. This is very good news indeed. Everything will be possible in October. YAY… 🙂

Maybe a little context manifestation vise. Manifestation doesn’t just happen. No, no, no. Everything that manifests has a cause, has to have a platform for it to realize and materialize. And that platform is provided by our energy that is filled with information. And that information is provided by our thoughts, feelings, emotions.

So, October will provide clarity and open the doors for positive manifestation. If you were working on things for the last few months and nothing seemed to be realizing, well watch out, because October will be the month when everything comes into fruition.

And of course, just meditation and counting on the support of the Universe won’t bring you what you desire. You have to take action too. If you desire to know more about how to manifest efficiently here is a curse that will help you – MANIFESTATION SUPERSTAR.

Key to successfull manifestation

So, everything needs work, but be very conscious of the fact that you can only manifest when being in the present moment. Not yesterday, not tomorrow. And this is the energy that October will carry with it, the presence at a given moment with thoughts and your energy, and a certain sense of security, in the sense that everything is as it should be.

This, however, is key to successful implementation. So, it is no wonder that October will be an extremely effective month. I even suggest that you take notes of these energies and processes that will be happening and use this “system” in times when everything is not going smoothly for you and when you will have neither the will nor the motivation.


You can now download my book Blast Through to Your Personal Power Using Intuition for only 3,49 €. In my book, you will find a is a simple step by step system for achieving meaningful goals. Just click here.

So we will be working on that in Passionate living in October focusing specifically on what has long been waiting to materialize, and of course on all other challenges.


Here is also a message for all entrepreneurs. If you are in your business and depend on sales, October is the perfect time to prepare your launch of sales programs or processes. Good preparation will greatly benefit you in November and December as the holiday shopping season begins.

You’ll have lots to do in October. Therefore, I recommend that you devote yourself to preparing for the launch of your New Year’s offers and be as active as possible by placing your content, inspiring, building up the sales momentum and working on building the trust of your possible clients.

If you’re not in any kind of sales, October is also the time to clean up your work environment and create opportunities for what is to come.

Here is a visualizing for October now that will support you with that.


Let’s get started.
1. Find a quiet place.
2. Take a few deep breaths and focus only on breathing.
3. Visualize a sphere that looks as if it were filled with the most crystal-clear water.
4. Put your workspace into the sphere. You can be inside the ball or outside as an observer. Whatever feels good for you.
5. This crystal-clear liquid matter in the ball slowly evaporates, that is, the visibility inside the sphere gets better until the space you put in it is crystal clear. There is no dense energy in it.
6. Now fixate the result or just say and so it is.
7. I suggest you try this cleaning method this month.

There also came a warning with this visualization.
Warning: Do not put other people in this sphere. But you can put yourself and your feelings about them about important relationships, your worries, tensions in the sphere… !!!!!!

I am dedicating myself to make improvements in my home in October. I will also be preparing for New Year’s offers. The month will also be dedicated to the implementation of a webinar on How to Achieve Anything You Want, which will be October 17th.

Besides, I will be preparing for my exclusive program, the Intuitive Leaders’ Retreat, the Hawaiian mastermind. As the date of the retreat comes closer I am more and more excited about it. It already shows that we will likely cross dimensions, maybe even make contact with other civilizations, but in any case, the program is updated and very thoughtfully prepared.

We will be doing a ritual of activating potential, be initiated into working with blue ray spiritual technology, etc. All of this, among other things, is getting to know free dolphins, expand our consciousness by just being in the warm tropical water with them. We will also rebirth through the power of Vulcano with goddess Pele, goddess of volcanoes and we will be working on diamond consciousness and enhancing the qualities of intuitive leaders. We still have one place left. Maybe she’s waiting for you. Click here if you are being called.



In short, harness this beautiful crystal clear and pleasant energy of October, that will show that everything is happening within you. Everything real is within you. Everything that realizes is first created in you and your energy field. Understanding this principle of manifestation and applying it to practice will give you acceleration for the next step in your personal, spiritual, business, human development.


Vital opportunities will open up and change will happen. It will also be a good time for some weight-loss diets, as it encourages the removal of all that is extra, including pounds.


The challenge in October my come from the inability to put off worries and therefore the waiting for the moment when everything is clear and then deciding. That can be stressful in October because lots will be happening, and we will need to prioritize.


There will be MANA in October – the life force, so channel your energy into the MANA, harvest it through the state of being present in the moment, through meditation.


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