In November it will be difficult to know what a good choice is and what is a bad one. There will be a collective lack of clarity in the air.

Given the seemingly general lack of resources (this energy is present in the collective consciousness), it will, therefore, be difficult to make important decisions, as it will not be clear whether the results will be as desired. Fear of lack may be present because of uncertainty. In such cases, having the FAITH can turn the fear of loss or lack into a successful path forward.

Planet Mercury, which went into retrograde movement on October 31 and will be there until November 20, will not clarity as well.

The information will be confusing and unclear. Due to the general energy of possible misunderstanding of messages, you will be receiving (verbal, mail, SMS, etc.), low-vibration emotions such as envy and anger may also come to the fore. In addition to that also concerns and fears. You will find the medicine for that in the joy that can be drawn from past beautiful feelings from the warmth of home and family, as well as fond memories of ancestors who have passed away.

My son had a fever after a long time, it was mild flu. As I treated him with energy, I felt a connection between him and his great-grandfather on my father’s side. When I mentioned to him that I wanted him to visit his great-grandfather in the cemetery, because he had a message for him, he said he didn’t want to because everyone wanted something from him. He meant the souls who have passed with everyone. It’s interesting how our children are open …

November will be anything but an easy month. Even Mercury’s energy in retrograde dictates that it’s time to stop. October was a very active month. It could be that a lot of energy, a lot of things have accumulated during that time, and the implementation and manifestation of them started to slow down at the end of October. This is not unusual. Now it’s time to start arranging things from the back, so in the right order

Start by concluding things that may have been pushed into the background by the abundance of events in October. We will also start intensively with the Elite MIND© program, which starts again on November 11th. So hurry up with your application if you want to set the stage for 2020 and a new level of your life and work at the end of this year. It is already showing that 2020 will lift us to a new level of perception of the world and therefore of creation in it. The Elite MIND © program begins in November with a short break in December (we have only one Skype session) and continues in January and February. In the meantime, you can do a lot for yourself, for a balanced relationship, for your work, career or business, and consequently for your energy and stress levels, harmonious health and vitality.

The 11 things you are sure to receive in the program Elite MIND are:

  • identification and elimination of limiting believes,
  • specifically, also money blocks clearing,
  • clarity about the next practical steps,
  • meditations, exercises and concrete action steps,
  • workbooks that will serve you long after the program is completed,
  • individual feedback on work in the program,
  • live call recordings of our sessions; we will meet you on 8th calls between November 2019 and February 2020,
  • a connection to your heart desires and a clear picture of how you can fulfill them,
  • immediate positive changes in the material world,
  • improved confidence in your intuition, inner strength and a great foundation for both,
  • activation of the 5 quantum powers.

In November for only 1200 €.





When I am connecting with the universal flow and the energy of the month, I actually see nothing but grayness. Feelings, however, point to what has been written. Therefore, I strongly advise you to spend some time in connection with your roots and ancestors, which may be biological or spiritual. It seems that this link will serve you extremely well in personal communication in November, where messages will likely be misunderstood. You might find some answers and directions.
We will also perform the meditation below at the Inner Circle meeting and in addition to our meditation on November 7, 2019. You can also do it yourself as it is not yet available as a recording.


1. Find a quiet space and turn on beautiful meditative music (even without music od OK).
2. Calm your mind by focusing only on inhaling deeply into your belly and exhaling everything that does not serve you anymore, al the tensions in the body.
3. Take at least three such breaths with complete focus on breathing only.
4. Visualize a huge tree on the screen of your mind. It’s bigger than you’ve ever seen it before. This tree represents the portal for transitions between worlds.
5. Step through this portal and imagine yourself standing in front of this huge tree. Feel a slight breeze, swinging branches and hear the rustle of leaves. The smells of the earth and fresh grass completely take over you. The roots of the tree are healthy and are deeply rooted in the earth and you can feel it.
6. Touch the trunk of the tree and summon the spirit of your ancestors. Ask them to help you live your part of the role of maintaining balance in the world and of self-development.
7. Find an opening in the area where the trunk contacts the ground. Step into it. The opening leads to a tunnel that spirals downwards. Go ahead.
8. At the end of the tunnel, you see a flickering light. Go there.
9. Fire is in the middle of a large clearing. The spirits of your ancestors are gathered around the fire. They can be your biological ancestors; they can be your spiritual ancestors.
10. Wait until one of your ancestors’ notices you and joins you.
11. If you do not recognize him/her, introduce yourself to him/her.
12. Ask him/her to share wisdom with you – your role in maintaining balance in the world. What is your mission in these times? What wisdom of times past will help you today? What else do you have to do? Ask whatever you want.
13. An ancestor or ancestor hands you a gift that will help you in your work or in remembering the conversation they had. See if you have any gifts for him/her.
14. Thank them for this encounter, help, and wisdom.
15. Go back to the tunnel and climb in a spiral way until you come back from the tree.
16. Touching the trunk of the tree with hands and thank the spirits of your ancestors for the opportunity.
17. Through the portal, step back into this space and time and open your eyes.

Wonderful meditation. I would love your feedback on this experience.

The message comes that uncertainty, possibly misunderstood communications, the fog will last until November 20, when Mercury will begin to move directly. After that its effects will be present, but much less. Mercury will swing its tail and the fog will suddenly clear. In the meantime, visualize what you want to see on the other side of the fog. Keep this vision beautiful, concrete, colorful and high vibrational, because at the end of November I feel that you can be pleasantly surprised.

Hold on until then is the best advice coming in November. It will be worth it. Don’t push things forward, don’t force them to happen, but preferably take a step or two back and see what needs to be cleared, refined. Don’t judge if you don’t understand something.

On the other hand, protect yourself from the influence of the judgments of others. This is also a positive influence on the energy of November. Fog can namely offer you protection for the outside influences. I increasingly recognize that the best protection is a state of unconditional love.

Also, look at what needs to be addressed, what is on the dusty parts of your consciousness, your computer or your to-do list. This will make you the most effective in November.


With love, Tamara



The energy of the month will be stimulating for you to break the habit of worrying and gaining or maintaining the awareness that we are all one. This will also allow for effective action on the vibration of love and upwards, and thus the realization of what you desire.


The most prominent of the challenges is the concern over how our messages will be received and how, last but not least, we will be received in dealing with people in the positions of authority. This can forcefully throw us out of balance and a sense of oneness.


Innovation is enhanced, so focus your energy on it. It is only when we firmly trust in the light that we can create vital energy through it, that we can positively realize our purposes and materialize our ideas.

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