I can’t resist the coziness and warmth of this festive time of the year. No matter what is happening to and around us, the warmth is in the air and so are the aromas of cinnamon, mulled wine, home-made tea and cookies, and some renewed optimism.

This year was not an easy one for me. I had financial challenges, which have started at the beginning of February with a burglary at our house. I was dealing with the psychological challenges of my two teens and adolescents, who each experienced the stress of the school system and the potential for self-realization inside it and society as such.

Yet it wasn’t all that bad. I am proud of helping my daughter especially move through challenges, limitations and low self-esteem, which has helped her get into the desired high school. I am also proud of helping my clients get breakthroughs and go to a new level in their business or personal lives. Family wise it has also been a year for finally realizing my husband’s and mine long term goals – after ten years – switching to solar power and electric car.

I can rest now when the year is almost over and I brought it to the end with so much goodwill, good energy, and faith.

I am starting December enjoying doing what I love to do the most The Hawaii Mastermind – Intuitive Leadership retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii with beautiful goddesses that are joining it. Literally and without modesty, I expect miracles.



December 2019 represents a good springboard for 2020, which will not only represent one step towards a new level of being, but we will be taking an elevator.

I am being shown a shot from an old movie from the beginning of the last century when everything was easier, slower, yet relationships and life itself in the world may have been crueler than today. Today things are not as easy and slow anymore, everything is moving faster, but on the other hand, we are also freer in choosing how we will live, with whom we will be spending time and with what activities. Do you agree?

The latter is also the basic message of the energies of December, which carry the breath of freedom. Therefore, it is also advisable to take the time to revise your year, and also your life path so far, and re-evaluate your perception of freedom. I am talking about the kind of freedom that, when you get out of bed in the morning, automatically puts a smile on your face without having to remind yourself to do so.



December, as said, very subtly carries with it the breath of this kind of freedom and an important message for you.

I suggest you keep a special journal of gratitude, your aha moments, and everyday notes while performing your spiritual exercises in December. It is imperative. As with the swing of the magic wand, on New Year’s Eve, you will clearly know-how you still want to live and spend your time.

This will magically relieve you of the clutches of the past and put away perhaps the leaden coat of old, old, old burdens for god.

You will also be supported by the Personal Intuitive Guidance for 2020. On three pages you will get specific guidance on:
• where the year’s energies will support you,
where challenges may be and
• where to steer your energy to joyfully and easy create what you desire,
• plus you will get an answer in the form of mp3 to one specific question.

All of these are now available at half-price 120€ 60€. In December only you can also book 1h session with me for only 270€ 135€. But you have to hurry as there is limited Intuitive guidance available at that price.


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This message is divinely guided, and the date of December 31 is really specific regarding clarity or epiphanies. I wish that I could spend it with my loved ones in the desert under the stars because I know that there is one star up there just for me, which will show me the way in the next period.

We will also be looking at the stars in Hawaii, where the sky is clear and visibility really good.




The message that comes for the Passionate Living community is to open your mind to endless possibilities. Something that may have been impossible yesterday may quickly become possible today, like for example using a mobile phone that you may not have dreamed of 2000 years ago. We don’t even need to open our minds so broadly. Open it to yourself and your loved ones by listening to them and self even better than before.

The judgments were at the forefront last month, but they are also being pulled out this month. Don’t judge anything, don’t assume anything. Follow only feelings and facts. They should be your guide to a new level of freedom that is so highlighted in December.

Strengthened personal power will also come handy. If you haven’t yet, order my book Blast through to your Personal Power Using Intuition. Personal power is nevertheless the one that is dividing people into »losers« and »winners«.



With love in this magical month, Tamara



Listen to yourself, honor the truth, and act confidently in expressing your authenticity. The ideas that you will come up with this energy in December will be real and tangible.


The biggest challenge in December will be to recognize the truth about yourself. In life, we make so many erroneous judgments about ourselves, and then suppress them and, of course, subconsciously also punish ourselves.


It will be a good time for transitions to new jobs, for getting rid of bad habits such as smoking, alcohol, other stimulants, for switching to a healthier lifestyle in general, for divorces, new relationships, relocations.

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