Before you step into the rhythm of the energies of February 2020, I invite you to the reflection of January.

Where and with what kind of awareness did you start it, and where and with what kind of awareness did the wave of the month drop you off into the beginning of a new month, which appears to be the beginning of a completely new cycle.

Expansion is highlighted and with it the change. This message comes as an inspiration and at the same time as a warning. It is necessary to know that every expansion begins at the information level, continues on the energy and finishes in the material world and so on in repeating cycles.

If you want to work successfully with the rhythm of the energies of the month, realize that every expansion on the energy level assumes cleaning & clearing. Where the energy stands still, the movement is not possible.

So reflect on all the important areas in your life by answering the following questions.


This is a simple process of reflection through self-analysis:

  • Where does my energy standstill in the business area?
  • Where does my energy standstill in my personal relations?
  • Where does my energy standstill in the Romantic partnership area?
  • Where does my energy standstill in the field of self-development?
  • Where does my energy standstill in the material field?
  • Where does my energy standstill in the field of money?
  • Where does my energy standstill in the field of achieving a great vision?


The beginning of February’s intuitive guidance coincides with the rhythm of the movement of Mercury, which goes into retrograde movement on the 17th. It’il be in retrograde motion until 10. March. Mercury in retrograde forces us to do a re-vision in our lives and business, because it brings out things that are entangled somewhere, problems, congestion, misinterpretation of messages, etc. It only brings back those things that we may have ignored before, but we should pay attention to them. This period is not good for starting new things and for example signing contracts, because things like to get complicated.



That is why this period will also be excellent for PROSPERITY INTENSIVE. So I am opening a few spaces. We will devote part of the time to reflect and then creating vision and concrete steps that you will begin to materialize as soon as Mercury goes into direct motion. Find out more about the intensive by signing up for a free strategy call below.



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LOVE, which is the driving force of progress and development, is the one that will help navigate through February, which we will probably remember as a landmark between the “Old World” and “The New World”, which is being born in the period from 2020 and onwards…

The ROUTINE is the one that will help you achieve your goals in February.

Make sure you nurture routine in February. If you said that you’re going to meditate regularly, do it, if say you’re going to exercise every day, do it, etc.

If you have any help in the household intuitive guidance encourages you to clean up your house by yourself at least once. The physical space also needs your magical touch, need your energy.

In February, the routine will help us maintain sanity, common sense, or a clear head in the midst of everything that will be happening in our lives, in our immediate society, and around the world.

A favorable month will also be for REPAIRS. So look at what needs to be repaired, which may now not work, from things in the household to things in business (for example, the operation of links on websites, computer updates, shoe repairs, such practical things), repair of personal relationships, to all the material things that don’t work. Well, I’m already looking at a movie in my head, what I need to fix at home.

I’m thinking about how to mend relationships that you feel are broken. What comes is that you should turn the film back to a moment when this relationship has been joyful and light and you start to create a new-old relationship. Of course, the outcome depends on both sides, and both sides working on the relationship is not always possible. If this is not possible, do the best you can and for the highest good of all involved including yourself.


The month of February will be an indicator of the level of our inner power. Truth and authenticity will be highlighted. The energy of February will stimulate awakening and spiritual self-empowerment.


The greatest challenge will be in the area of expressing your truth and in the field of whether you will succeed at keeping your values and stand behind them, even when you feel you have no support.


Use the knowledge you have in February to get to know yourself better. That way, you can help others, as the changes will be challenging for everyone.


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