Every rejection is a powerful initiation into your soul’s purpose!
I remember how I was lying in bed with flu a few years ago watching the blue sky and clouds changing form for five days straight. I was thinking of negative thoughts and feeling sorry for myself because I was ill and in muscle pain.

This was a big test for me, because I didn’t remember ever being so sick in my life before, perhaps in the fifth grade of primary school? I went through a ‘ forced’ detox; no coffee and no bread. All I consumed was tea and homemade vegetable soup. I was feeling sorry for myself and thinking about where I was at that point in my life. This was the period when I was changing skin from Tamara the communications consultant, to Tamara the intuitive mentor. The transition to a new field where there were others better than me, more established and well-positioned, according to my own thoughts and feelings. I felt like an intruder in their field. This kind of internal conflict and insecurity resulted in my internal balance being effectively destroyed.

I craved the approval of others, especially from friends, extended family, and the professional community. I had the feeling that no one cared what I did nor how I did it. It was a clash of projections about myself, projections that were coming from others. Who I was in my essence had been attempting to express itself in a new way. I was fortunate that my husband and kids knew that and supported me all the way.

The worst part, reflecting on this story, is that I know now so clearly, that everything I do benefits people in all areas of their lives, both personal and business and so much more than from what I was doing beforehand. No one recognized the burning benefits of working with an intuitive mentor back then. I faced rejection after rejection, but on the other hand, they were counterbalanced by the light of hope in the form of happy, grateful, but still too few clients.

Looking back, my situation was a reflection of my inner insecurities. After years of transition, I put all my knowledge, desires, and talents together, and positioned myself clearly in the market as an intuitive coach for personal and business success. The time was therefore ripe only when I matured into who I desired to become.

Go to where you are wanted

Who says you cannot do what you are passionate about and know deep inside that which is the only thing you want to do? In whatever way you are helping people, remember this:

Go where you are wanted, not where you are needed!

“Aha”, brought about by this realization was really “ AHA” in the truest sense of the word. I fully understood the meaning of those words after I went through market research, personal branding, and positioning in the market with all of my heart, knowledge, and talents.

What has changed?

Rewind back a few years. After five solid days with flu, I had barely gotten out of my bed, was a few pounds less, which was positive, I was also detoxed which had a positive impact on my skin, which was glowing, and refreshed. But what actually changed? Everything and nothing. Five days watching the clouds, feeling sorry for myself, and playing mastermind with myself produced a re-evaluation of all that I have hitherto done and the way in which I did things.

I could say this experience brought me to my first brave steps in stepping out of the matrix in the direction of self-empowerment and it also started the wheels of further actions that I took with my family.

The point is that the rejections I was facing brought me closer to my soul’s mission. I am now aware that any rejection is an interpretation of the projections of my own beliefs, programs, and uncertainty, and nothing else. Today I take such challenges with a large ‘pinch of salt’ because they help me grow faster in my life and my business.

Thus I serve my family, my clients, and myself better!

With love, Tamara

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