Here’s Intuitive guidance of the month dedicated to helping you live the best version of your life. I hope that it helps you on the way of empowered living, manifesting and cocreation of the magic of life.


‘When we long for a life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure’

– Peter Marshall


The world has found itself in a transition that the average Earths probably didn’t expect. No one expected what we’ve been watching for years is happening to others, knocking on their door too. Sickness, death, bankruptcy, divorce, loss, illness… KOVID – 19 is part of the global world and not just a distant part that is so “safe” to watch through TV screens, social media, newspapers from a comfortable armchair.


Life stopped, it changed. Although I am more overwhelmed than before isolation, I see even more things that I can be grateful for. At the moment when everything stops, there is also an opportunity for a peaceful and very happy outlook at everything that has led us to this moment.


When we were swimming with free dolphins in December 2019, dolphins, by the way, are six-dimensional beings, the feeling was quite different than all the previous years. I’ve been swimming with dolphins since 2012. At times, their swimming was quite chaotic, because they were swimming in all directions and not as in synchronicity. I also received the Blue Ray’s six-dimensional spiritual technology from them, which I now share in the Hawaiian mastermind, and I am preparing an online course from it. It will help us in this transition, healing and consciousness expansion. I also asked them what could we do for them. The answer was simple: “Keep the oceans clean.” I didn’t realize at the time that they were showing us what was coming in a way of chaos or orderly order, depending on the perspective. With their attitude, the dolphins have already communicated these changes.


I have a feeling that in the area of water (both drinking water and all other forms of water usage) something new, revolutionary will likely be happening – this has been noted in March Intuitive guidance too.


I am inviting the whole Passionateliving community to live very mindfully and do the concentrations, meditations, directing attention to the common good for all, and to raise the consciousness of mankind without delay.


I am doing my part in my FB group, although I am more active in the Slovenian FB group right now, on my YouTube channel and on my website where I share free resources, even those I haven’t shared before.


I also want to share this story with you:


The man walked down the road and met Buddha. Buddha looked so very, very, very present, filled with something magnificent, with some holiness, with power, with quantum energy. Deeply moved by his energy and presence he asked:


“Sir, what are you?” Are you God?”

“No”, said Buddha.

“What are you then? Are you an angel?”

“No”, said Buddha

“What are you?”

“I’m just awake,” the Buddha replied.


Isolation brings forth both challenges and opportunities.


To those of you who are now in the first lines of aid and directly exposed to health risks… I’m in deep gratitude. I also share my piece of skils, knowledge, and love in the collective transition. I use all my knowledge and learn something new every day, so that the situation stabilizes as soon as possible and that we are not only passive observers but active co-creators.




Those of us at home in isolation are getting used to a new way of life, work, and relationships. This challenge is also an opportunity for us to develop new skills that we were just thinking about before and didn’t make time for. I am definitely getting more creative in the kitchen too, having a family of four to feed with quality food every single day.


If you have a business, you can still serve your customers in your best way, just a little differently than before. Take your time for reflection and travel deep inside to develop new skills. You will need them when the period of isolation is over.


Nothing’s going to be the way it was.


The change will be visible in the consciousness of humankind, in the change of values, in the way we do things…




Therefore you must maintain a high spirit and a high level of energy. De-focusation can be good for dissolving unwanted events, including fear of an infection with a korona virus, profiteering in the mids of crisis or simply lessons that you don’t need anymore. While the confusing energy is counterproductive.


I heartily and warmly recommend contact with energy od joy, healing, and consciousness expansion with a meditation Joy with dolphins, which is available for FREE here.


Here is what Mojca said after the meditation: Dear Tamara, thank you for this wonderful meditation. I felt the dolphins, my body was shivering, and tears were flowing down my cheeks spontaneously… I’m filled with this wonderful energy. Thank you. ?❤️ Dearest, please share this message so it reaches as many people as possible.


Even greater intensity of information during this crisis can cause confusion, especially if you’re constantly watching the news, social media, etc. You have to really be present with your feelings now. Lowering your vibrations by infusing the energy of panic, fear and low vibrational thoughts also means you are lowering your physical immune system.


Keep your thoughts in the present and inline them with your emotions and bodily reactions. For example, if your body says it’s exhausted and your mind is overloaded, create a space for a creative pause and do something else. Relax often. Call a friend, share your experiences, your processes, go into nature, stay in yourself… In short, don’t be lazy. Even if you’re at home in isolation, keep your weekly routine going.


Businesswise April is the beginning of great shifts. It seems that the business – or some material stuff – will literally be moving from one end to the other end. I see it as big blocks of containers moving from one pile to another. What could that mean? A mass movement of assets, reorganization?


I will let you trust your intuition on this one. Time will show. We will be doing lots of exercises, meditations in FB group, in some of them also figuring out what exactly is going on.


The purpose of the Intuitive guidance of the month is to help you with monthly navigation through energies in a way that you are constantly progressing and thriving and that you are higher in your vibration each time.


I am particularly encouraging you that if you do not yet meditate regularly if you feel that this is too much to wuu, wuu, to seek your way of being centered, happy and come, and feeling the gratitude, love and inner peace, which in April will serve you the best.




The warning comes to all of you who have been through life transformations last year. Perhaps you have lost your job, have divorced, or have been faced with difficult circumstances, such as a disease. Be aware that it is time for a radical change. Start with resetting your mindset and change the direction of your perception from outside into the inside. Fear is completely needless. What can happen is that if you overlook this warning, things will continue to tear apart.


The more you will try to hold on to the old the more things that are important to you will fall into ruins. That’s a fact now.


Everything that has happened and everything that is going to happen in the next two years is just a wake-up call and change of focus from conquesting the outside worlds to conquering and explore inner worlds.


nThe period in which we are is literally a mirror of what was indicated 31 st fo December 2019 when everything changed. Personal goals, personal trauma are no longer so important. They are present and they need to heal, but the common good and how we serve it by living the best versions of our lives are even more important now.


Therefore, I warmly invite you to take a moment to yourself, take out a notebook and a pen, and re-write your vision: Who am I? How do I live? What do I feel?, Who do I hang out with, when I am living the best version of me.


Please share your story of the best version of yourself in our FB group and co-create a picture of a new world that is significantly altered for the better with your help. Each of us is an important particle in oneness. The more we are the best selves the quicker this picture will come true.




Here are also the numerical sequences of Grigory Grabovoi for the elimination of the COVID-19 virus.





An example of a simple form of working with this numerical sequence.


Say out loud:

  1. I am the creator, I work as the creator for the highest good of all and everything.
  2. Create a silver sphere in front of you, approximately 20 cm wide, approximately 50 cm (give or take) in front of your hearts space. That sphere contains good for all.
  3. Add these numbers into the sphere and concentrate on them. Do this 3 times. The numbers you concentrate on should be in silver color and the same size and thickness.
  4. At the end say. I am fixating the result. So it is. I command it.





In my opinion, they are important as ever, except that they change. Maybe just a month ago you wanted a romantic relationship, or to triple your income, a new job. Today, you may want to desire for stabilization of the global crisis and ad your part to it unconditionally. So the basic human principle – something that as humans we cannot avoid – is that we are set to evolve, to thrive, to strive for something.




A man is a social being and can function only in the company with other human beings, otherwise, he/she dies (except for the rare exception of course). As I said, in the FB group you can find likeminded souls, advice and a safe place that will help you through the challenges. Also share your strategies for navigation this time successfully, maintaining the high spirit and good psyche-physical fitness, new ways of working with clients or from home…




  1. Find a way to your inner being, to your center where you will find peace and all the necessary answers. One way to do it is to deepen your sense of intuition, which you can do here. 


  1. Learn new things, improve your skills. You will surely need them when this crisis is over.


  1. Be well organized and in a daily routine. Do whatever you set yourself to do in a day.


  1. Gratitude is extremely highlighted. I propose a morning and evening gratitude ritual. Or simply remember during the day what you’re thankful for.


  1. If you are in a business that is now standing still, keep serving your customers. Think of the way how you can communicate differently and keep in touch. It is also good to prepare for the time after this crisis when life will slowly start flowing again. If you don’t know-how, book free 30 minutes consultation with me. I’m going to help you prepare a concrete strategy.


  1. If you’re a professional, don’t forget all the people you cooperate closely with. Thank them and send them a word of support. Show them that you care and that you genuinely want to know how they are.


  1. Takes care of the energy flow in your home. The rooms should be well ventilated. Try to regularly shut down all wireless devices and dispensers and plugged in appliances so that energy is released and the spaces are filled with negative ions. If you have ionizers or jewelry with magnets, Tesla plates, use them now.


  1. I also suggest using these devices. Go to Devices. 


Stay healthy and in high spirits. Stay passionate now even more than before.


I am here for you with all my knowledge, love and desire for the creation of a better world.


With Love, Tamara



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The crisis is an opportunity to take off the last armor of the primary family programing, institutional programming, the roles that we are supposed to play and become what we really want to be, without feeling guilty. April is THE month for that.



Fear will be the biggest paralyzer in April. Lack of courage will be right by its side. Now it may be more than ever important to find the power to rise above the energy of the pandemic, the economic crisis, the tense relationships between people, the fears that there is not enough.



Now is not the time to wait and to observe passively. Now is the time to do your inner work, develop new skills and totally new concepts of being.




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