I hope you did your homework in April and May, gained new knowledge, reorganized your life and business, let go of things that don’t serve you anymore, and filled up with powerful energy of May.

June is a very auspicious month. Use the energy well, especially in the first two weeks, before Mercury starts its retrograde movement. Use new knowledge, renewed energy, and space that you’ve created to create something new, and if not new, at least different and innovated or upgraded.

The changes you want can not happen if you are doing things the same way as before but only on the basis of new, more favorable patterns of operation, and thus different perspectives in the same things. Also, don’t forget that with a depth you’re gaining quality width. The depth can be created in retreat from the projections of the outside world and in clear contact with your higher self.

Bring out the intuitive leader within

This will be important not only in June but for the whole decade to come. Well, time is subjective and nonlinear, so consciously keeping up with intuitive leader within will be important until it becomes a »new normal« way of thinking and behaving. It may take a year collectively or it may take a decade.

The world is changing, we are changing. Our actions, relationships, technology, attitudes towards nature, the material world. Everything is changing. We are becoming more aware of different interconnections, we are seeing more, and fewer and fewer people will be subjected to mass “hypnosis”, which still wants to keep us responding on the basis of fear.

Energy will be at the forefront in all areas of its use

Actually, it’s all energy. We are energy and we consume energy to be able to live. At the same time, we also distribute a lot of it into the environment. Money is energy. Food is energy. The sun is energy. Water is energy. Animals are energy. All nature is energy… Energy usage will become even more important. You can start by looking at how you use your personal energy ad how to contain it and place it more consciously. If you need some help with ideas on how to do it to be more innovative and productive, to be healthier and happier, book a free 30 min call with me.

In June, I encourage you to improve all areas of your life

If you remember, February’s guidance was to repair things, and in June improvements are in the foreground. Of course, they also include that if you need to repair things first, repair them, and then improve them, innovate. I will devote my attention to the renovation of the master bedroom, which is getting new paint, bed, and lighting. I also plan to update my business photos that will be made by the sea. I will do my photoshoot just before the event I am holding in Slovenian coastal town Strunjan; Joy and life without limitations with dolphins and whales. I am so excited about that. My programs are gradually getting a facelift too, starting with Hawaii Mastermind, Intuitive Leadership retreat. You’re warmly invited to step into the next level of being, doing and living, by joining us on this transformational and joyful retreat in March 2021. Find more about it here.

Improvements and innovations are the red thread of the month of June. They will help you boost the flow of energy where you need and want more of it.

The anchor will be important

In June, we can expect a quiet month, perhaps more relaxed than the last few months have been. There won’t be much going on, so I suggest that in addition to introducing improvements to your life and business, you also work on strengthening the confidence in yourself. Strengthen your own – independent – views on things and practice the anchor. The anchor will be important for the next few months and it will help you keep your feet firmly on the ground regardless of what will be going on.

Remember, everything is OK as it is, always, and it is happening for a good reason.

We are creating the world we live in with our thoughts, feelings, actions, with our energy. The world is, therefore, a mirror of collective internal processes.

Yes, a human is a pretty complex creature, would you agree? However, I have already made a considerable simplification of these complexes of being a human in this world, and that is how I manage to keep my feet firmly on the ground. I have simplified it to the concept of understanding the functioning of myself in the universe. Self as a human being with personality and self as energy or spiritual being. I’ve been waking up for 20 years, step by step. The view that I’m seeing in this awakening is getting prettier and prettier. I know you have done a lot too. Maybe now you’ll want to go to the next level by trusting your intuition even more and leade fro truly empowered state. Tha I am inviting you to join my 6-month Intuitive Leader program. It is a path of tangible growth in all areas of your life.

Given the global happenings, as well as our local happenings, I do not feel that fear of survival will prevail, even though it is what is being programmed. I feel that fear, in general, can be present; Fear of uncertain future and not being able to grasp that nothing is the way it could or should be.

Let me remind you that fear is low vibration and very unproductive. Fear does not lead to improvement, to innovations, but to contraction. Above all, it is the opposite of love. New, creative things can only arise from the vibration of love.

So I strongly advise that in June you keep:
• nurturing LOVE,
• introducing improvements to enhance the flow of energy in important areas of your life and
• finding a way to anchor your energy.

HERE IS A BEAUTIFUL meditation that will help you ANCHOR YOUR ENERGY

1. Start with deep breathing in the abdomen.
2. Direct attention to breathing.
3. Allow for the breath to pull you inside. Feel how the air enters the body, spreading and shrinking the lungs, spreading, and shrinking the abdomen.
4. When you breathe, relax the tension in your body. The whole body is relaxing. Drop everything you don’t need anymore.
5. Focus your attention on the spine. Try to enter your breath through the bottom of your spine, through the tail bone. Maybe you feel some blocks. Relax and let the energy flow through the spine and dissolve all the tensions.
6. Your attention is on your spine as if you were bathing it in this beautiful light. Your neuro system is being energized and mended.
7. Energy travels to the pelvis, which is also relaxing.
8. Energy travels down through the legs, tensions are releasing, the body is more and more relaxed.
9. Feel a sensation of homes within the body. You feel at home in your body. You love your body.
10. Focus your attention on the area of the heart. In this relaxed state, begin to open up your heart. See all 33 petals of the rose in your heart opening up. Here is your portal to infinity. Allow the heart to open and let the energy flow through your entire system from your heart. Now you go deeper into the deeper dimensions of yourself. By opening the heart, you’re bringing even more light and vital energy, oxygen, prana, chi into your body. Your entire energy field is getting stronger and wider. Now you understand that love and life are born in us and not outside of us. This energy is spreading, connecting you with the dimensions of your higher self.
11. Increase your awareness of the center of the Earth. When you focus your attention there, you are immediately present-a in the heart of the Earth, where there is a rich source of energy. You’re connecting with the Earth’s core. The Earth knows you at this level. She knows you as someone who has had many incarnations and as an individual person in these incarnations. Connect with Earth, deep in her core, and rest there. You’re one with the earth. The body is one with the Earth. The body is a gift from the Earth. The energy of the Earth starts to penetrate into the body and bathe each cell in the body with this rich source of vitality and abundance. You receive freely from the Earth. Your energy feel is expanding and can accept even more high-vibe energy. The connection to the Earth is strengthened.
12. Your energy field is spreading. Let the expansion happen.
13. Thank the source and Mother Earth and return to this space and time.

Most of all dear, don’t forget WHO you are in June! Stop playing roles that don’t serve you anymore, are outdated, and not aligned with who you want to become.

With Love, Tamara


The energy of the month of June will be promoting creative and material success. Mostly because we can be very productive and innovative.


The masks will be falling. How to stay impartial and rational enough, when the truth is revealed where it has been hidden so far? This will be a major challenge in June.


In June, steer your energy into establishing an oasis of peace within and in communication exclusively from love.


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