It is much easier to be certain at a personal, business, and global level with a look back. Would you agree with that? July is bringing this certainty.


If you’re not clear about what you don’t want, and especially how you still want to spend your time in this space and time, then this certainty will be available in July. So, roll up the sleeves and work on this “project” after 12 July, when the planet Mercury goes back into direct motion. In the period up to 12 July, Mercury will firmly encourage you to re-vision the important areas you are currently working on and stimulate the necessary changes.


Listen, release, and create these changes.


July will be intense month similar to roller-coaster drive; a bit down, a bit up. I don’t feel that the fear of survival or even of the unknown will prevail. Those two fears could namely prevail because of the global pandemic. I feel that July can steer up the feer of uncertainty, just so that you can capture the energy of certainty that will be available in abundance, with a very large spoon.

The energy of certainty will be available, so I advise you to nurture it by working on restoring your life force every day. Also, work on your inner power every day.

Just be!

I know that’s easy to say. I was working on that for a long time. After twenty years of consciously working on energy management, exploring the systems of manifestation and intuition, I now know what it’s JUST TO BE.

JUST BEING in my book of creative life means at least these things.

1. Do not let the dramas of the outside world soak you in, as well as your personal dramas.

2. Meditate every day on how you’re drawing your life energy – chi up the spine, and building your energy system like legos. Then pull the energy from the central sun down into your 12-chakras system and from the Earth Chakra to the heart of the Mother Earth and from there to your center – the heart Chakra – from where you let the light thicken and begin to spread all over the body. Light each cell full with 1000 photons of light, your nervous system, lymph, all organs, bones, and then extended it beyond the body into your aura in the form of the sphere.

3. Follow your intuition, because it already knows what you want, what your next step is, and what you’re meant to live and do.

4. Communicate exclusively from the field of love. If you don’t know how to do that, book a free call with me and I will show you how to do that.

5. And remember –I’ve recently been sharing the thought on our coaching calls repeatedly – LIFE IS NOT A COMPETITION BUT A WONDERFUL CREATION OF THE FULFILLMENT OF POTENTIAL!!!!

July is my month. Summer is my favorite season. Maybe it’s because I was born in the summer. If your dream vacation is not going to be possible in July, I’d advise you to take a »trip« inside to your soul.

Therefore, I am inviting you to join the INTUITIVE LEADER coaching program that will help you blast through to your personal power. You will also receive a certificate of the completed program. After the program, you will be able to confidently seek out answers to your challenges, confidently step into your intuitive leader shoos and realize your intentions, goals, and dreams using your intuition.


July will pass tremendously quickly. Perhaps because of the diversity of external or internal events, or this certainty, which, if you succeed in feeling it, will act as if you will be able to stop time. It’s like when we say, “I wish that this moment would last forever.” That may be one of the causes of July passing so fast.

This certainty will also bring greater clarity.

Be careful in July, as you may be a target of information globally that has the intention to intimidate you. Feel every information and verify it within. Your heart will know.

It will also be clearer, who is the one who sincerely thinks well, and who does not.

To summarize. To be able to effectively manage your intentions in July, it will be necessary to achieve a sense of CERTAINTY that will allow you to distinguish-a seed from the weeds, step out of the box, which is necessary, shed your skin and step into a new, prettier world that we are creating on the vibration of love and upward.

Benefits of July 2020

Inspiration will give you wings that will help you navigate July, which will be quite a colorful month. The source of inspiration will come from the deepest essence, which we usually reach when going through the dark night of our soul.

Challenges of July 2020

The balance will be challenged as the oscillations will be throwing us out of the comfort zone. The sense of sovereignty that we have when we are on our territory or field will be challenged. It will be necessary to top up your pool of knowledge, disseminate views, and ways of thinking and continue to improve things by stepping out of your comfort zone.

Where to steer your energy in July 2020 to effortlessly create the life you dream of

Awakening, awakening, awakening is at the forefront of darling. In July, steer your attention even more to your spiritual self-empowerment and awakening. You will also be in resonance with truth and truthness, which will pave the joyful way forward.

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