Find out more about which are key ingredients for success august plus regular spiritual practice and receiving mode are highlighted


Even though August is still a holiday month at least in Slovenia, it will be business-oriented. This energy will be present, so all of you who have either already finished your vacation or who are working in your business, try to feel it and get in rhythm with it a.s.a.p.


Innovative business ideas will come, perhaps even the need and opportunity for greater investment in the business.

The latter will bear fruit if you tackle them thoughtfully. If you have your own business, your customers will also start to respond to you differently than before, more flexibly or more responsively, as a result of this increased business energy in the air and your certainty in what you offer. However, it is your job to know how to step on this wave of opportunity.

What is business energy anyway? It is the energy of efficiency when things are done and completed according to a set idea and implementation schedule. Systematics is present in this energy. I suggest that in August you take special attention to JUST BEING, which was already highlighted in July, but now in a slightly different way. That presupposes the absence of emotions in August or allowing yourself to be emotionally sucked in situations related to the work you are doing. That means any projects you’re tackling in August. Thus, this business energy will also have the opportunity to be charged with a positive charge and consequently revive the business.


If you are dealing with how to sell more or better, pay attention to the process of mindful presence during the sales process. Because if you focus too much on the end result, which is sales and consequently the amount in your account, you will lose the valuable energy of accumulating this amount.


Work more relaxed in August, don’t try so hard.


Also, focus on your work or business. If you don’t need to focus on this because you no longer need to work actively to pay your bills, I advise you to perhaps share some of that energy with those who still need it and are close to you. If you are dealing with health challenges, however, focus especially carefully on the end result, which is health itself. The body will follow your focus. The latter is particularly emphasized.


It’s a great month to lovingly program your mind to think by the system of approaching instead of bringing apart and keeping the focus of realizing this great idea, which may be clearer now. In July, you had the opportunity to contemplate it. That is why you should join the Elite Mind program, which will help you achieve your big vision, intention, and goals by reprograming your mind and creating space for new to enter. Only in August, you can join it at the promotional offer. Enrollment in the program is possible after a preliminary introductory interview, which can be booked here.


It seems to me that linear things no longer make sense. I developed to the point that I stopped working linearly, even though I had thought maybe nonlinearly before. I have only realized this difference between the linear and the exponential in my life and business in recent months, which is also evident in my business growth and my overall satisfaction, which is independent of external events.

Linearity is a trait that will no longer serve you and is also not related to security and permanence.

The opposite of linearity is the exponentiality that will be extremely present in August, where it appears that everything will go up or down very quickly. There will be many opportunities to live to the fullest. There will also be many opportunities for investors to grow or fall exponentially.


I’m exaggerating a bit with these descriptions because I want your attention. After all, the energy of August is important for us to get up and start doing things differently than before, with more inner power and certainty.


This is not the same as pushing your head stubbornly through a wall. It’s about being present in the process and not wasting energy by asking questions about things we have no control over at the moment.


If you are dealing with how to sell more or better, pay attention to the process of presence during the sales process. Because if you focus too much on the end result, which is the amount in your account, you will lose the valuable energy of accumulating this amount.


So in August, these three things are very important:


  1. Be 100% PRESENT, especially if you want to accelerate your business success exponentially. If you do not have clarity and inner certainty, I suggest you seek advice or long-term help with this. The moment is right. My doors are open for free 30 min strategy calls. Book yours here.


  1. BELIEVE that you are capable, called forth and that you will succeed. This internal certainty is the key to exponential growth in August regardless of the area of growth. Maybe you’re working on improving your relationship with your partner, maybe you’re learning how to play golf, just like me, and I have to say it’s not as easy as it looks. Maybe you’re just starting your soulful business, or you want to work in an environment that is more supportive than the current one. Your growth potential is limitless.


  1. Be open to RECEIVING. This is also necessary and in direct connection with that energy you’re sending out. It can be repulsive to the things you want to attract or attracting. Here is a tip: The more you are in the rhythm of synchronicity, the more opportunities will open up, but you need to be open to receiving them so that you can choose between them and accept them or reject them after careful consideration.


A lot is going on in Passionateliving too. In the next few days, I have two interviews, one in Slovenia and the other with a colleague from South Africa. I am deciding on my new mentor, and I am also opening the opportunity for my potential clients to work with me in Intuitive Leader, Elite MIND, and the Academy – business program.


Hawaiian Mastermind – Intuitive Leaders Retreat remains as planned – March 2021. The retreat takes place in an intimate group where we can really connect and also do a lot. Don’t worry, it’s not all that serious, as the point of the whole retreat is to move on in life more easily, efficiently, and joyfully with the help of dolphins and whales and other supportive energies of Big Island, also called Hawaii. Maybe one of the remaining 2 spaces is waiting for you. Check it out here.


In short, don’t miss the extraordinary opportunity for your exponential growth in August. Let me remind you that it won’t happen on its own and that it needs your attention, certainty, and action. The action should be joyful and easy.


With love, Tamara



In August, things will be completing. So don’t be overwhelmed by the energy of fear. For this completion only means that the circle is complete and you go and we also go collectively into a new circle. Yes, we are at the beginning again, but hoping to be with full potential and faith.



The worst chance to start the month of August is if you enter it in the energy of competition. Also pay close attention to what you want, because the energy of realization will be potentiated. I recommend the special mantra for August.



Connect with purity, avoid saturated environment. Address your customers or the people you are in contact with, exclusively from the heart! Regular spiritual practice will greatly support your path and abundance.

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