It’s time to awaken our dormant potential


February will probably be a very interesting month because a lot of things will be happening just below the surface of the visible. Sensitive people will be able to recognize it quickly.


When I ask myself what can I do in this stressful period that humanity is facing, when we have an “invisible” enemy, when we are literally divided into two poles, to add my part to break through the restrictions that are placed upon us one after the other, one more restrictive than the other, the answer is clear.

It seems that those who are in charge really think that we are »retarded«, unable to take care of ourselves, unable to think for ourselves and that someone has to constantly tell us what we can do, how we can do something because we do not know to. What if more energy was invested in raising awareness and taking personal responsibility for life, rather than imposing limitations and writing one law after another which probably no one reads through, let alone know how to explain it clearly?

And here, as a reflection on this, comes the answer to my important question. For now, I can add my own part by helping people free themselves mentally, emotionally, energetically, and economically, to keep the vibration on love or above and to work patiently forwards carefully placing my energy – thoughts, actions, emotions.

No system can exist if we, the individuals, do not power it. And the question is, are we powering the right system that works for the benefit of everyone and everything and our mother Earth?

I’ll share more about how much energy is just in a sugar cube-sized ether at February’s Quantum Energy webinar, and we feel we don’t have enough energy for anything we want to create or lives.

In February, the masks will be actually falling off. Everything else that “masks will fall” metaphorically means is already visible, you just need to dig a little deeper to see it. It is namely not in the mainstream.

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A fresh wind is coming, filled with a new vibration, sunshine, and beautiful fresh energy. Perhaps this is the age of Aquarius, as we are now also in the sign of Aquarius. Allow yourself to be filled with this new February energy with new hope, a new vision, and inspiration to simply go beyond the limitations. The split between the old and the new world already happened.


Everything is in our consciousness.


Those who have a sufficiently developed consciousness are already in a new age. They came here with unstoppable work on their spiritual and personal growth in the last 10, 20, 30 … years. This means that they already live by using their talents and following the melody of the heart, and they are well supported materially here on earth. It will be easier for them, of course, and they will the light and an example for others.

Then there are those, who are still dealing with their personal dramas, their personal challenges, and material survival, but have already felt that there is more than just a programmed system like school, then work, house, car, dog or cat and family in which someone else measures you the moments of your life and gives you just enough to be able to “survive” to the end until you are no longer useful.

Those will now have the opportunity to pave their way out of the box. By the way, there is nothing wrong with this – school, wedding, job, house … – but I have long felt that this is not enough, even though I have a family, a house, a car, and a dog. But this life would be unsatisfactory if I did not develop my potential and step outside the framework set for me by society, upbringing, system.

It will not be easy, or it will be much easier if people seek help. But it is likely that many people, after this traumatic year that is behind us, will receive some enlightenment in the form of thinking that they have nothing to lose because what was does not serve them anyway. In this way, they will gain the courage to step outside the box. Well done and congratulations to all in advance.

Then there are those, who are afraid and those who are asleep. These will still fuel a system that is clearly not working because, in addition to all the progress, technology, and billions, there is still poverty and hunger in the world and on our doorsteps.


Birth and death


Birth and death – the fear of the latter is growing – are cycles. They are just one of the transitions in the life and development of the soul and they will probably always exist. It is very important, however, how we spend time during those cycles.

There will probably be a lot of deep reflection on the topics of birth and death in February as well. Young people may be wondering whether to bring any new people into this world at all, the wiser (read older) about the quality of their lives, and the slightly younger about the meaning of life. Let me remind you that regardless of your age, skin color, gender, the circumstances of growing up, you always have scissors and the canvas of your life in your hands. Every day is a new day that you can fill with potential if you so choose.

For those who may be wondering whether to bring new people into this world at all or to have children at all, this message is coming. YES! The world needs them because now children are incarnating without karma, which we sometimes find so hard to process. They will set an example and we need them.


Message from dolphins


As you may know, every year I swim with dolphins in Hawaii, where I also facilitate the Hawaii mastermind – Intuitive Leadership Retreat. I also communicate telepathically with dolphins. In one of our gatherings, when a mother was swimming next to me with a little dolphin, which she placed on the outside so that I could see it, which means a great expression of trust – mom to mom, you know – I received a wonderful message, which comes to the fore this month:

Angels of the oceans and seas

To make this transition as smoothly as possible, we need a lot of high-vibrational light, which is also brought to this planet by newborn children. The message has come that many children who carry crystal energy need support to be able to retain it and use this energy potential as we need a lot of light for the changes that are happening. Namely, our systems – parents, education… – are often not equipped to work with such children, which can be quite stressful, so this energy can be quickly consumed and fall in its vibration during life’s challenges.

Dolphins also conveyed the message that the crystal structure of our cells, our DNA, is being strengthened. Some feel this as an inconvenience, and the purpose of this is to enhance your inner vision, as a kind of upgrade to the television you watch from the outside. Now, however, this view, coming from within, is expanding and encompassing all that is. This expands the consciousness and all the illusions set by the 3D world fall away, or people overlook, look through them. It’s about liberation. We (dolphins and whales) help keep this flow, this energy, and softness in the cells so that there are no blockages and ultimately physical and mental challenges.

You can read more about my experience with dolphins – angels of the oceans – and whales – blue teachers – here.




In terms of energy, February is proving to be a month that will support the purity of energy. I suggest that we pay more attention to both cleansings the chakras and cleansing our energy field. Make sure to bring as much pure prana into your body and energy field that will affect further activations of your DNA, physical well-being, and also spiritual expansion.

This will be blocked by all the pollutants of our ether (electromagnetic waves), which is constantly moving around and through us plus everything we put in and on our body in and is not clean, from alcohol, toxic chemicals, etc. So think hard in February about how you will take care of yourself. It is also important who you will hang out with and what thoughts you will have.

Those who have a GG filter for protection, use it even more consistently than before. This will be the right tool in February. But there is also a message that we can move forward in our spiritual development peacefully and without fear of material survival, because at some stage of self-development, all these worries begin to fall away. We receive what we need at a given moment or intend to make it happen. Namely, we are much stronger in manifestation when we work with this pure energy and in the vision of the best good for all.

In short, it pays to stick to that vision. However, some still confuse this with the fact that they do not know how to set their personal boundaries and give too much of themselves to others. That won’t be OK.


Stay focused, stay centered. With this energy, you can walk on water, with this energy you can move mountains, with this energy you can walk through fire if I can use these parables.

Biggest challenge


The biggest challenge in February will be in terms of waiting, patience, and the ability to make urgent corrections to your timeline. It’s mostly about energy corrections between where you are and between what you want to already be.

Patience will be the biggest challenge.

At the same time, this energy in February also coincides with the retrograde movement of Mercury, which will go directly again only on 18 February. Don’t rush, but meet yourself where you are. See what you can re-set, re-organize, re-do until February 18th. After that date, I have a feeling that the weight and possible congestion will be released. Also, don’t sign contracts, or start new projects, because in my experience, there can be complications and that only causes more work and unnecessary stress.

Those with increased sensibility may begin to see things in the sky that they have not noticed before. It will be a kind of plasma or energy form. Just as new territories of this planet of ours, which man may not have set foot on before, have once opened up, the outlines of interstellar territories, vessels and civilizations will begin to be drawn more clearly. Perhaps this will be in February, or in the coming months the most revolutionary discovery, even though the birds are already chirping about it for a long time.

Man is a collective being who consciously or unconsciously connects with other people through the electromagnetic field of the heart and brain. The heart’s electromagnetic field radiates approximately 2 meters. Does this distance remind you of anything?


Dear one, it is time to create a better world, a happier and more beautiful life with new knowledge and new actions. Old knowledge has brought us to where we are collectively at a given moment.


You can also gain some new knowledge through Passionate Living programs. In February, I am enrolling a new group in the Passionate Living Business Academy and in the (r)evolutionary manifestation program, Elite Mind.

You can enroll in both programs with a more favorable registration fee in February. If you want to make this quantum shift forward either in your business or beyond the limitations of the material world and manage reality better than before, I am at your disposal for a 30-minute breakthrough session. Book it now – here. It is free.

It’s time to awaken our dormant potential.


With love, Tamara


P.S. Intuitive guidance for February in a nutshell


It is time, dear! Humans are collective beings and we all need love, company, and mutual support both emotionally and physically. Collectivity and community building based on the well-being of all and on raising the vibration will be tremendously supported in February.


Grounding will be a challenge. Because personally, more and more people identify with something higher, with something that goes beyond mere humanity. This can be very positive in February, or it will be just an escape from reality.


In February, focus on healing your inner child, on your purity, on recognizing the purity and innocence of your soul.


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